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The Song of Prayer

Practice: Workbook Lesson 342:

"I let forgiveness rest upon all things,

For thus forgiveness will be given me."

The following is a visualization exercise for this lesson/series on prayer, adapted from 

A Workbook Companion by Allen Watson and Robert Perry. 

It may behoove you to ask someone to read it to you, or to record it and play it for yourself.


Close your eyes.

Think of your current life.

Think of various problem areas in your life.

Maybe you are in a problematic relationship. Think of this person.

Maybe you are having financial difficulties. Visualize your empty wallet, purse or bank account.

Maybe you feel alone and isolated. Imagine a wall around you, separating you from others.

Think of any problem area you would like to see differently. 

Then, a short distance away, you see an enormous, glorious door; the door to the real world.

You see Jesus standing by that door, extending his hand, bidding you to enter.

As you come nearer, you see it has a large keyhole, like on a castle door.

Rays of bright light are streaming from it, offering a hint of the glory that lies on the other side.

Suddenly you find in your hand a large key.

Look at the key; feel it in your hand.

As you look at the key, you see engraved, in beautiful writing, the word “Forgiveness.”

Then you turn the key over, and on the other side it says “of (name).”

It is a name of someone or thing you deeply need to forgive, but it has appeared difficult to do.

See what name or situation Is written there.

Realize that you have been refusing to use this key for a long time

Have you been pausing there, in front of the door, wondering if you should enter?

If going through the door means using this key, are you unsure if it is what you really want?

Maybe you have been thinking that unforgiveness is preferable.

Is it?

You finally decide to forgive this person, or this situation.

Say to yourself. “I let forgiveness rest upon (name), for thus forgiveness will be given me.”

Find that you have placed the key in the keyhole and are already turning it.

You are forgiving this person, this situation, at last.

The key turns all the way and you find that the door is already open.

You find yourself bathed in a blazing light.

The light of Heaven. The light of God. The light of your true Self.

You are transformed by this light, embraced by the incomparable love of it and in it.

All questions are answered; all longings are satisfied.

Say to God, “I forget all things except Your changeless Love. I remember that You are here.”

Bask in this light of love as long as you want. There is no hurry.

Open your eyes only when forgiveness is complete.

Continue to carry this light with you, letting it shine in your heart forever.



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