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Manual for Teachers: 16. How Should the Teacher of God Spend His Day?

What does this question mean to the advanced teacher of God? It is meaningless. There is no program, for the lessons change each day – but they do not change at random. Seeing this and knowing this, he is content to let each day unfold as it has been planned by One Who guides him. He will be told all that his role should be, this day and every day. And those who share that role with him each day will find him, so they can learn the lesson for the day together. Not one is absent from the day whom the advanced teacher of God needs; not one is sent to him without a learning goal already set, a goal which can be learned that very day.

So for the advanced teacher of God, the question “How Should the Teacher of God Spend His Day?” has been asked and answered, and he keeps in constant contact with the Answer. Every day he is set; every day he sees the road he is to travel stretch surely and smoothly before him.

What about the rest of the Sonship – those who have not reached the certainty of the advanced teacher? They (apparently) are not ready for such a lack of structure, or their lives would certainly have been more purposeful; is that so? Is there even one among us who does not feel that many days could be spent for a greater purpose? Or even one of us who does not waste at least some time EVERY DAY? Even if you are busy all day, some of the time may be wasted on meaningless and frivolous activity. So what must we do to learn how to give the day to God?

There are some general rules to follow; each one is to use them the best he can in his own way. Routines and rituals are not advised (depicted as “dangerous”) as they may become the goal instead of God. Let it suffice for the moment to say that it is well to start the day right, and it is always possible to start the day over, if it should begin with error. If you do it right the first time, however, then you will not have to start it over – with the obvious advantage of saving time.

Jesus says that at the beginning, it is wise to think in terms of time. This is not the ultimate criterion, but at the outset it is probably the simplest to observe. Thus, time devoted to starting the day right, saves time. Remember to choose to spend time with God as soon as possible after you awaken. Yet, duration is not the criterion; effectiveness is. An hour with God can produce nothing if it is not done with the proper intent to join with Him. An instant is enough if effective.

The day should end the same, with quiet time with God. Choose your quiet time wisely. Remember that God comes first in choosing priority time with Him. Perhaps the very end of a full day will not always be the best choice. If possible, however, just before you go to sleep is an ideal time to devote to God. It sets your mind into a pattern of rest, and orients you away from fear. If you spend your quiet time with God earlier in the evening, also spend a few minutes with Him before sleeping. Close your eyes and think of God. Look for the light that shines from within, connect with it, and rest in it.

What about during the time in between the morning and evening times spent with God? How should they be spent? One thing is for sure: the thought of joy should permeate your every waking moment. Also thoughts of peace, and of limitless release – limitless because all things are freed within it. Choose to be happy every day, and share that happiness with ALL.

You think you made a power that can protect you in your dreams, can protect you from all the illusions and fearful things you see in your dreams. It is not so. Your safety does not lie in protection from illusions, brother. Your defenses against them will not work, though perhaps it will appear that they are working for a while. What will work is the recognition that there is no danger - anywhere in the world. You have no need of your defenses. Recognize this and both the illusion of danger AND the defense of that illusion will disappear. And you will then know real protection. But HOW?

God is your strength, your safety, your certain protection. He goes with you wherever you go. That will suffice when you choose to step aside, ever so little, from the ego and its frail offerings. Take baby steps if you must. You will not fall, even when you take giant strides with HIM!

Time slips by almost unnoticeably for the teacher of God who has accepted His protection. You have heard “time passes quickly when you are having fun.” Time becomes insignificant when you are basking in the joy of God, which you can do when you know you are protected by Him.

All those things you have been doing to protect yourself have been a waste of time since you were already protected – if you but knew it. (Remember in the beginning the concern is with saving time.) Recognizing this will aid you in realizing that all the things you had been doing in the name of safety are no longer of interest to you. Now the time will be available for what is purposeful in His Name. For you are safe and know it to be so. You have a Guide Who will not fail, not even with YOU. He will solve all problems for you without order of difficulty, as there is no such order. One is the same as the next to Him. You are as safe in the present as you were before illusions were accepted into your mind, and as you will be after you have let them all go. You are safe always and in all situations with God. You have no need for more than this.

Yes, there will be temptations along the way you have yet to travel. Therefore you must remind yourself throughout the day of your protection. This assurance will be given you every time you ask for it – so ask for it often. Stay reassured! Will you be tempted, do you think, to revert to thoughts of fear from time to time? At first, certainly your certainty will waver, certainly you will be tempted to rely upon your old, time-worn defenses. Yet they are not good enough for God’s teacher, because they are not good enough for God’s Son.

How do you avoid magic, and time-worn defenses? You do it by recognizing temptation, in whatever form it presents itself, and by side-stepping it as you would a pile of trash in the road. Simply AVOID temptation. Finding that tough? As with most changes, it gets easier every time you practice! Every temptation is nothing more than the attempt to substitute another will for God’s. These attempts that may seem so frightening are merely pathetic. They have no effects, and when recognized as nothing, this is when you reach your advanced state. All intermediate lessons lead to this recognition – that illusion is nothing, having no power to frighten you or to effect you in any way. They are powerless and thus fail to terrify the advanced teacher. What has no effects can hardly terrify. Magic, in any of its forms, simply does NOTHING.

There is no substitute for the Will of God. In simple statement, then, it is to this fact that the teacher of God devotes the day. Each substitute you may accept as real merely temporarily deceives you and takes your precious time away from what is real. But you can be safe from all deception if you so decide. (It is upon your decision all the rest awaits.) Remember this:

God is with me. I cannot be deceived.

Nothing that is not of God is fearful, or sinful, or dangerous – just meaningless. Choose, therefore, to give up all that you never had, and, behold, Heaven is restored to your awareness!

Is this an exchange that you want? The world, you and all your brothers in the world, would gladly make this exchange – if you all knew that it could be made! It is God’s teachers who must teach that it can. And so it is your function to make sure that YOU have learned it. “There is no will but God’s.” His teachers know that this is so, and have learned everything else is magic. Come, let His Light shine!




1. For the advanced teacher of God this question is meaningless, for every day his path is set. Every day he sees the road he is to travel stretch surely and smoothly before him as it has been planned by One Who guides him. He is told what his role should be every day. Every day, the ones who are sent to him to learn the lesson for the day with him, come – and they learn it together.

2. The rest of the Sonship, however, is not ready for such a lack of structure. In order for their lives to be more purposeful, then, see the following:

a. Remember to spend morning and evening time with God.

b. Fill your mind with thoughts of Joy (which cast out thoughts of fear)

c. Recognize your safety lies in God and let go of the defenses you have made.

d. Accept His protection and watch time fly peacefully by without a care.

e. Remember there is no danger anywhere in the world with any substance. (Laugh at danger.)

f. Ask for assurance of this often - and allow yourself to be reassured.

g. Avoid temptation to revert to magic thoughts of fear.

h. Allow no substitutions for the truth to enter your hallowed mind.

Say: "God is with me. I cannot be deceived."

i. Open the door and allow Heaven to be restored to your awareness.

j. Learn and teach the above.

“There is no will but God’s.” His teachers know that this is so, and have learned that everything but this is magic. All belief in magic is maintained by just one simple-minded illusion – that it works. You therefore MUST learn to recognize the forms of magic and to perceive their meaninglessness. Withdraw all fear from them so they may go.

Thus the gate of Heaven is reopened, and its light can shine again on an untroubled mind. YOURS!


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