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Clarification of Terms: True Perception - Knowledge

Perception must be straightened before you can know anything. To know is to be certain. Uncertainty means that you do not know. Knowledge is power because it is certain, and certainty is strength. Perception is temporary. As an attribute of the belief in space and time, it is subject to either fear or love. Misperceptions produce fear and true perceptions foster love, but neither brings certainty because all perception varies. That is why it is not knowledge. True perception is the basis for knowledge, but knowing is the affirmation of truth and is beyond all perceptions, even true perception. True perception and knowledge are not in the same realm. If perception is involved, it removes the experience from the realm of knowledge. Thus to perceive the truth is not to know it.

The miracle, being a way of perceiving, is not knowledge. It is the right answer to a question, but you do not question when you know. Yet questioning illusions is the first step in undoing them. The miracle, or the right answer, corrects illusions. Since perceptions change, their dependence on time is obvious. How you perceive at any given time determines what you do, and actions occur in time as well. Knowledge is timeless, because certainty is not questionable and does not require action. When you say you are acting on the basis of knowledge, you are really confusing knowledge with perception. Knowledge provides the strength for creative thinking, but not for right doing. Perception, miracles and doing are closely related. Forgiveness, salvation, Atonement, true perception -- all are one. Knowledge is the result of revelation and induces only thought. Even in its most spiritualized form perception involves the body. Knowledge comes from the altar within and is timeless because it is certain.

True perception is necessary before God can communicate directly to His altars, which He established in His Sons. There He can communicate His certainty, and His knowledge will bring peace without question. Knowledge preceded both perception and time, and will ultimately replace them. That is the real meaning of "Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end," and "Before Abraham was I am." Perception can and must be stabilized, but knowledge is stable. "Fear God and keep His commandments" becomes "Know God and accept His certainty."

So how do perception and knowledge work in this world? In truth, we never really know anything in the world, we only know in Heaven. Here we just perceive. But you are in charge of your perception. If you are are not feeling well or happy, remember it is a choice. So just change the focus of your perception to "I feel GREAT," and proceed from that new starting point. Decision about your perception works with anything. If you do not like the way something appears, change your mind, change your perception about it and watch the circumstance change in accordance. Keep the focus of your perception on God and His Will for perfect happiness for your life and the life of your brothers. Perceive, and will, the best for all. There is much power in thinking with God.

Innocent or true perception means that you never misperceive and always see truly. More simply, it means that you never see what does not exist, and always see what does. The miracle perceives everything as it is. If nothing but the truth exists, right-minded seeing cannot see anything but perfection. Only what God creates or what you create with the same Will has any real existence This, then, is all the innocent can see. They do not suffer from distorted perception. To be One is to be of one mind or will. When the Will of the Sonship and the Father are One, their perfect accord is Heaven.

Because their hearts are pure, the innocent reflect true perception instead of defending themselves against it. Understanding the lesson of the Atonement they are without the wish to attack, and therefore they see truly. If you perceive truly you are canceling misperceptions in yourself and in others simultaneously. Because you see others as they are, you offer them your acceptance of their truth so they can accept it for themselves. It encourages them to let the light in them shine even brighter if you already see it -- it is an invitation of sorts. This is the healing that the miracle offers. It draws everyone to the light.

Always see people in the light, which is where they are in truth. This will permeate all blockages and allow the light to shine through you both, and you can both perceive truly. If you attack error in a brother, you will not know him. Attack is always made upon a stranger. You are making him a stranger by misperceiving him, and so you cannot know him. Perceive him correctly so you can know him. There are no strangers in God's creation. God recognizes His children perfectly. When they do not recognize each other, they do not recognize Him. Know thyself, know thy brother, know God. All God's children are as GOD IS.

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