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Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice



Purpose, Process and Practice

A Supplement of A Course in Miracles


Very simply the purpose of psychotherapy is to remove the blocks to truth.

Its aim is to aid in abandoning a fixed delusional system, and to begin

to reconsider the spurious cause and effect relationships on which it rests.

No one in this world escapes fear,

but everyone can reconsider its causes and learn to evaluate them correctly.

Psychotherapy is a process that changes the view of the self.

If it can make way for reality, it has achieved its ultimate success.

Its whole function, in the end,

is to help the patient deal with one fundamental error:

the belief that anger brings him something he really wants,

and that by justifying attack he is protecting himself.

To whatever extent he comes to realize that this is an error,

to that extent is he truly saved.

In practice, remember:

No one comes to you by mistake. There are no errors in God's plan.

It would be an error, however, to assume

that you know what to offer everyone who comes.

This is not up to you to decide.

There is Something in Him that will tell you, if you listen.

And that is the answer: LISTEN!


There are A Course in Miracle students and potential students throughout the planet,

and it is to them that the church is directing this website.

All of us joining together will make a very bright light!

Let us join together in prayer:

Father, we are each here for many reasons. May we receive the guidance we need

to help us straighten our minds and return to the light of love.

We offer, invite, and dedicate this class to Jesus and the Holy Spirit,

that we may be led, through Love and Guidance,

back to the light which we never truly left.


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