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Workbook Review Lessons 64-70

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Lesson 64: Let me not forget my function.

Today’s idea is merely another way of saying “Let me not wander into temptation.” “Nothing the body’s eyes seem to see can be anything but a form of temptation, since this was the purpose of the body itself.” (W-64.2:1) The purpose of the world you see is to obscure your function of forgiveness, and to provide you with a justification for forgetting it.

What causes you to forget? The entire world and all the illusions you have made to distract you. Your involvement with the world, making it the scope of your goals and your life, obscures your true function (in Heaven it is creating; in the world it is forgiving), and thus obscures your spiritual reality. When the Son of God “creates,” it is powerful and real and eternal as you are a co-creator with God. What the Son of God “makes” is images that seem very real, because the mind that makes them is powerful, whether creating or making. However, you must no longer allow yourself to be fooled by the ego that either the body or the world you made is real. You know the truth now; they are projections from your mind and are illusions regardless of how real they may seem.

To the Holy Spirit, the world is a place where you learn to forgive yourself what you think of as your sins. Forgiveness is not a “chore,” it is a “choice.” Be glad you have one. It means you are not stuck in the ego world or in the idea of "sin." The day will come when you will be happy to leave what you have made, and you will happily exchange it for creation. Every single decision you make in a day can all be narrowed to this one simple choice: Will you be happy or unhappy? When you can begin to view your choices in life from this perspective, the choice becomes no choice at all because who would knowingly choose unhappiness? Only the insane. And you, Dear Brother, are now well on your way to sanity!

When you are unforgiving, you are unhappy about something or toward someone. When you forgive, “happiness becomes inevitable.” (W-64.4:2) “Only by fulfilling the function given you by God will you be happy.” (W-64.4:1) “There is no other way.” (W-64:4:3) The purpose of this lesson, then, is to remind you to constantly choose happiness by choosing to fulfill your function of forgiveness, and to resist the temptation to let the world lull you or distract you into forgetting your function.

Lesson 65: My only function is the one God gave me.

The full acceptance of salvation as your only function necessarily entails two phases: the recognition of salvation as your function, and the relinquishment of all the other goals you have invented for yourself. This is the only way in which you can take your rightful place among the saviors of the world. And this is the only way you can find peace of mind.

This lesson’s purpose is to invite you to let go of your usual goals, even if only for a little while, so you can focus on accepting the function God gave you as your only function. Every other goal in some way competes with and detracts your mind from this one. The full acceptance of salvation is your only function. The more you focus on this, the sooner this truth will become true for you.

Lesson 66: My happiness and my function are one.

Happiness and your function are the same thing. Their forms are different, but their content is completely one. As God gave you your function, and God gives only happiness, then your function must be happiness. Being the light and sharing it with the world is fulfilling your function. In essence, then, your reason for being is to BE HAPPY. Be glad to find this truth now. It will save you many hours and years of seeking and searching for your purpose in life. It is here – now

Think for a moment about the many forms the illusion of your function has taken in your mind, and the many ways in which you tried to find salvation and happiness under the ego’s guidance. Did you find it? Were you happy, really happy, ever? True happiness is eternal and cannot be shaken. Have you found true happiness by listening to the ego? Great honesty is needed today. Remember the outcomes fairly, and consider also whether it was ever reasonable to expect true happiness from anything the ego ever proposed. The ego uses alternative voices and ideas and directions to fool God’s Son. The only true Voice and direction are that of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it must be that your function is established by God through His Voice, and only this will bring you true happiness.

Lesson 67: Love created me like Itself.

Today’s idea is a complete and accurate statement of what you are. This is why you are the light of the world. This is why God appointed you as the world’s savior. This is why the Son of God looks to you for his salvation. He is saved by what you are, and therefore by what he is also. L O V E.

Go past all your unreal thoughts of what the world says you are (body), to thoughts of your spiritual reality. Try to let all worldly thoughts drop away for a brief preparatory interval, and then try to reach past all your images and preconceptions about yourself to the truth in you. If Love created you like Itself, this Self must be in you. And somewhere in your mind, It is there for you to find. Perhaps you will be aware of a blazing light in which you recognize yourself as Love created you. Perhaps you will be aware of the ephemeral nature of your body by its disappearance from your awareness. Hear the Voice for God telling you there will be no separation. This is the Voice for God, reminding you of your Father and of your Self. This is the Voice of truth, replacing everything that the ego tells you about yourself with the simple truth about the Son of God. You were created by Love like Itself.

Lesson 68: Love holds no grievances.

You who were created by Love like Itself can hold no grievances and know your Self. Your Self still remains aware of Its likeness to Its Creator, yet seems to sleep, while the part of your mind that weaves illusions of hatred and anger in its sleep appears to be awake. Holding grievances is to see yourself as a body, to let the ego rule the mind, and thus to be condemned to death. Guilt becomes rampant in this scenario and happiness is nowhere to be found. Uncertainty, anxiety, panic and terror take its place even if you are moving through it with an outward smile. Since you are aware that you are created in the image of God, you may begin to think God, too, is angry, and nothing can be more fearful or terrifying than the thought of an angry God with all His power directed against you.

Are you willing to relinquish your grievances if you know that peace and safety will take their place? Perhaps you think you cannot let them go – yet it is simply a matter of motivation. Is true happiness and freedom from death motivation enough for you? Is knowing your true Self a motivation? First, free yourself from a few grievances. You do this with forgiveness, seeing beyond the grievance to the light and truth of your brother, recognizing that he is the Son of God and he is not the ego that “offended” you.

Now free yourself of a few more grievances. The newfound peace you experience will motivate you to free yourself of more and more grievances until there are none left and no new ones to take their place. Like anything in this world, you simply have to take the first step, followed by the second and the third until you reach your destination of peace and happiness. And you WILL. The “means” is miracle enlightenment: correction of the false perception that caused you to adopt a grievance, and accepting the light in its place. Trust the means given you by the Holy Spirit and take the first step. Bypass the ego and see the light in your brother. He is God’s Son and created perfect. Does perfection offend you? Of course not. Then see past the ego to the perfection. Voilà!

Lesson 69: My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

You are the light of the world, but the light cannot shine for all to see because your grievances obscure it. When you let your grievances go, the light is released and you and your brother are both released with it. Share that light with your brother who stood by you in the darkness. You deserve release.

The purpose of this lesson is to lift the veil of grievances that has obscured the light of the world in you, so that you can experience the light and let it shine salvation onto the world. Learning salvation is your only need/goal in the illusion. And what are you to be saved from? From the darkness of the fears and grievances and other illusions that conceal the light in you and in your brother. There is a brilliant light in you that is hidden by the clouds of unforgiveness. That light is Love – unlike any you have ever experienced in this dream. This love will lift you and carry you ahead. The power of the universe will help you and you cannot fail because your will is His. Forgive, reach this light and release it to the world. It is your only purpose and only function on earth. This light is “dearer to us than all else.” (W-69.3:1) The only question that remains is when, oh holy Son of God, when?

Have confidence in your Father. Be certain that He hears you and answers you. You will yet hear and receive His Answer. As you release your grievances, you are joining your will to God’s and what you undertake with Him MUST SUCCEED.

“There is a light that this world cannot give. Yet you can give it, as it was given you.

And as you give it, it shines forth to call you from the world and follow it. For this

light will attract you as nothing in this world can do.”


Lesson 70: My salvation comes from me.

All temptation is nothing more than some form of the basic temptation not to believe the idea for today. Salvation seems to come from anywhere except from you. So, too, does the source of guilt. When you realize that all guilt is solely an invention of your mind, you also realize that guilt and salvation must be in the same place as God would not put the remedy where it cannot solve the problem. In understanding this you are saved. The seeming cost of accepting today’s idea is this: It means that nothing outside yourself can save you; nothing outside yourself can give you peace. It also means that nothing outside yourself can hurt you, or disturb your peace or upset you in any way. Today’s idea places you in charge of the universe. You are in charge because of what you are.

It is often tempting to lay the “blame” for your problems somewhere outside of you. The idea that all of your problems are inventions of your own mind may seem devastating. However, consider this: if the cause of all your problems were outside of you, then you would be a helpless victim of the world. Since your own ego thoughts are the cause of all your upsets, then changing your thought system from that of the ego to that of the Holy Spirit (with the help of Jesus and the Holy Spirit) is the sole remedy. You are “in charge of the universe.” Your salvation comes from you. It cannot come from anywhere else or from anyone else. Accept this with joy, because now you know that nothing outside of you can hold you back.

God’s Will and yours are really the same in this. God wants you to be healed of all guilt and sickness and distortion of love, and you do not really want to be sick or insane, because it makes you unhappy. Therefore, in accepting the idea for today, you are really in agreement with God. NOW all your thoughts will be healed. NOW you will be happy.

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