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Workbook Review Lessons 239-245

Lesson 239: The glory of my Father is my own.

This is the truth. To say otherwise is to hide behind false humility. It is not the ego that says it thus. It is SPIRIT. And since the glory of your Father is your own, it is also your brothers’ own. You and he are both God’s Sons, in His Glory.

You have noticed that you cannot see your face in this world without a mirror. In this world your brother is your mirror. Therefore, can you see any guilt or sin in your brother, without also seeing it as a reflection of yourself? Darkness perceives darkness; light perceives light. You and your brothers were created by the same Father, in the same Love, by His Hand, as His Son. His light shines forever in you and in your brothers. And it is to this light in your brothers that you must look, and of this light that you must be aware – in order to be aware of your own! You and your brother are united in this light. You are both at peace with each other and with all creation in this light. Can it be otherwise, when you were both created in the image of the One Who is ALL?

Lesson 240: Fear is not justified in any form.

Jesus says that fear is deception. If you have seen yourself as fearful, then you have seen yourself as you could NEVER be. And if you have been looking onto a fearful world, then you have also seen a world that could NEVER be. It is necessary for you to understand that NOT ONE THING IN THIS WORLD IS TRUE. It never was true, it is not true now, and it never will be true. It does not matter what form anything in this world appears to take, or when it appears, or who appears to be involved, or what devastation may appear to have been wrought, nor even what temporary pleasures may have been derived. It is just not true. It is a dream of fear. And fear is not justified in any form, not in this world or in any other. Fear has no place in the mind of the Son of God.

The world serves as a mirror, as a witness but to your own illusions of yourself, and to the dreams that you have been making. If this appears difficult to believe, look to the cause of what you see. Is it love, or is it fear that made it? Do you remember, at some time or at some place in this world, thinking like thoughts about what you see? Do you remember asking for this to happen as you see it? Take note: you made it up; that is all. It is a figment of your imagination. And if you do not like what you see, change your mind and ask for something else – perhaps the truth? It is yours for the asking!

Theme of Relevance 3: What is the world?

The world is false perception. It is the result of error and will remain no longer than the thought of error is cherished. When the thought of separation has been changed to one of true forgiveness, the world will be seen in a different light, a light which leads to the truth, where all the world with all its errors must disappear, as error has no room in truth.

The error, the idea of separation, the idea of having a place where God could not enter and where His Son could be apart from Him, is ludicrous at the outset. You are an Idea of God, and ideas cannot leave the mind that thought them. And as an idea in the Mind of God, where would you hide? There is no darkness in His Mind, nor a single crevice in which you can disappear from Him. You have pulled the "cover," the "cloud," the "wool" over your own eyes, not over His.

Yet now, after seemingly falling asleep, dreaming you are apart from your Source, you forgot who and what you are. You have fooled yourself into believing you have hidden from the truth. You may see yourself doing this in the dream or the illusion, but not in reality. Do not be content until you waken from your self-imposed dream, and until you return to everlasting life. You who made the world must now behold it through the eyes of Christ. Follow His Light, and see the world as He beholds it. Hear His Voice alone in all that speaks to you. Let Him give you peace and certainty, and the light that you exchanged for a dream of darkness. Heaven has preserved the truth in Him for you. Accept it now.

Lesson 241: This holy instant is salvation come.

Salvation has come when sorrows pass away and pain is gone. As you forgive the world what you thought it had done to you, and you to it, you experience release so grand that it is indescribable. In fact, you can not even speak of it, because the joy is so great. All those whom you thought wronged you or whom you thought you wronged, are released along with you. This is a time of special celebration for the illusion is seen as such, and the truth has returned to your mind, having never been lost. The glory of salvation dawns upon a world set free, sanity is restored, and you remember that you and your brothers, your Father and yourself are all ONE. My brother, is this not a goal worthy of your complete attention?

Lesson 242: This day is God’s. It is my gift to Him.

There is One Who knows all that is best for you. And He is glad to make no choices for you but the ones that lead to God. This means all the choices He makes for you will lead you to love, to light, to release and to happiness. Would you delay this “coming home” if you realized this truth is certain?

Lesson 243: Today I will judge nothing that occurs.

Be honest with yourself. Do you think that you understand the whole of what you see, from the bits and pieces of information your body’s eyes and your body’s senses show you? If you do, then you are pretending that you know what is beyond your present grasp. Would you be happy to be relinquished from decisions that you know you cannot make with any degree of certainty that they will be correct, decisions where all will benefit, and the “right’ result will occur? If you have been having difficulty making decisions, it is because you cannot make them accurately without Help, and you know it. So free yourself from decision making and leave it to One Who will make them for you, leaving you to be at ease and in peace. Rest assured in Him.

Lesson 244: I am in danger nowhere in the world.

In God you are secure. NOTHING can enter the hallowed haven of your home. You are safe wherever you may appear to be, whatever you may appear to be doing or thinking, because God is with you. Period. God is with you. You are His Son and He will never leave you. You may turn your back on Him, and indeed you appear to do just that, often and even more than often. But He will never turn on you. To be sure of this, just call His Name, and recollect your safety and His Love, for they are one and the same. What is the same is the same. You cannot fear or doubt or fail to know you cannot suffer, be endangered, or experience any degree of unhappiness, when in His Fatherly embrace. Since that is where you ALWAYS are, remain aware of that; and know that you remain safe and happy.

Lesson 245: Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.

And now His peace surrounds you. Where you go, He and His peace and Love go with you. His light shines on everyone you meet. No one is desolate or alone when you and your Father walk together. You give your peace to those who suffer pain, or grieve for loss, or think they are bereft of hope and happiness. Ask your Father to send them to you, and send your love to them, for you would be truly helpful to each one; you would help each one to remember that he is God’s Son as well as you. And this will also help to continually remind you of your purpose and your goal: to reunite with the Father before the Altar to Him and His Son. To all the world, then, give the message of His Love that you have received. And thus you will hear the Voice for God, Who speaks to you as you relate His Word. His Love you recognize because you share It, and you share the Word that He has given unto you. He is the Almighty, and you are His Son! Amen.

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