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Miracle Principle 6

Principle 6: Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong. (T-1.I.6)

False perception enters into the unguarded mind. The mind harbors these errors, and responds according to these false perceptions, until it is ready to loosen their grip and let them go in favor of the truth that will take their place. Truth is accompanied by peace, so when the mind is ready for peace, it will accept the corrections. They will be there, because the correction is never farther from the error than the error itself. It would indeed be useless if the correction were not available for the error. The miracle is that correction.

Jesus has asked you to perform miracles, and has made it clear that miracles are natural, corrective, healing and universal. There is nothing they cannot do; but they cannot be performed in the spirit of doubt or fear. When you are afraid of anything, you are acknowledging its power to hurt you. Yet when you are experiencing the peace of God, which you are when you perform miracles as they are performed in a state of grace, you are thus totally incapable of being shaken by errors of any kind.

No one who lives in fear is really alive. Yet the peace of God denies the ability of anything not of God to affect His miracle workers. Miracles are based on love which is natural and not on fear which is unnatural to the Son of God. Miracles bring all error into the light, and since error and darkness are the same, and both elicit fear, the miracle corrects error and darkness automatically and thus removes all fear. Allow the miracle to remove your fears; then you can help your brothers remove theirs. As you become more and more secure in performing miracles, you assume your natural talent of protecting others, both as a loving brother and as a Son of God.

The only thing that can block the miracle from occurring is your wish that it be blocked, by your desire to keep the error or the problem instead of the correction or the solution. What is temptation but a wish to make the wrong decision on what you would learn, and have an outcome that you do not want? (T-31.I.11:1) Many people are afraid of the light, afraid of happiness. Others think they enjoy being alone in the dark, when they are simply afraid of the light. Therefore, of the two, darkness is preferable to light to them. Yet it is utter foolishness to block the light to God, when God is your redemption from error. This is where the miracle worker shines as he leads his brothers gently into the light of truth and peace and shows them that light is life and peace and joy -- not fear.

As a beginning miracle worker, Jesus’ trust in you is greater than yours in him at the moment, but it will not always be that way. Your mission is very simple. You are asked to live so as to demonstrate that you are not an ego, and he does not choose God’s channels wrongly. His chosen channels cannot fail, because he will lend them his strength as long as theirs is wanting. Your gratitude to your brother is the only gift he wants. If you are grateful to your brother, you are grateful to God for what He created. Through your gratitude you come to know your brother, and one moment of real recognition makes everyone your brother because each of them is of your Father. That is why the miracle worker’s prayer is:

“Let me know this brother as I know myself." (T-5.i.3:8)

How can you tell when you are seeing wrong or someone else is failing to perceive the lesson he should learn? Does pain seem real in the perception? If it does, be sure the lesson is not learned. And there remains an unforgiveness hiding in the mind that sees the pain through eyes the mind directs. (W-193.7:1-3) We can simply say: “I will forgive, and this will disappear.” (W-193.13:3)

To heal is to make happy. Miracles bring the darkness of error to the light. The light that belongs to you is the light of joy. Radiance is not associated with sorrow. Joy calls forth an integrated willingness to share it, and promotes the mind’s natural impulse to respond as one. Those who attempt to heal with miracles without being wholly joyous themselves, call forth different kinds of responses at the same time, and thus deprive others of the joy of responding wholeheartedly.

To be a wholehearted miracle worker, therefore, you must be happy. If fear and love cannot coexist, and it is impossible to be wholly fearful and remain alive, the only possible whole state is that of love. Jesus understands that miracles are natural, because they are expressions of life and love. There is no difference between love and joy. Therefore, the only possible wholly alive state is to be wholly joyous. To heal or to make joyous is therefore the same as to integrate and to make one. That is why miracles are natural. They benefit every part of the Sonship, and they benefit it equally.

Reason will tell you that you cannot ask for happiness inconstantly. For if what you desire you receive, and happiness is constant, then you need ask for it but once to have it always. And if you do not have it always, being what it is, you did not ask for it. For no one fails to ask for his desire of something he believes holds out some promise of the power of giving it. You may be wrong in what you ask, where, and of what. Yet you will ask because desire is an implied request, an asking for, and made by one whom God Himself will never fail to answer. God has already given all that you really want. Yet what you are uncertain of, God cannot give. For you do not desire it while you remain uncertain, and God’s giving must be incomplete unless it is received.

So, ask for what you want, be certain that you want it, open your mind to receive it – and it will come. It is natural for your Father to give you your desires. And miracles will supply them. If you desire to see truly, you will. If you desire only the gifts your Father gave you in your creation, you will have them – because you have them already. If you only look, you will see them. If you desire to reach God, you will. Because He goes with you wherever you go. He is everywhere, always.

It is quite possible to reach God. In fact, it is very easy, because it is the most natural thing in the world. You might even say it is the only natural thing in the world. The way will open, if you believe that it is possible. Accepting miracles helps you reach God, through the correction of false perception and thus the removal of the errors that block the light to God from the mind’s awareness. Since miracles light the way to God, and reaching God is natural, then miracles are also natural. When they are not occurring, something has gone wrong. If you do not choose to be wholly joyous, your mind cannot have what it does not choose to be. Remember that spirit knows no difference between having and being.

“Forget not that it has been your decision to make everything

that is natural and easy for you impossible.” (T-18.IV.8:1)

Have faith in only this one thing, and it will be sufficient: God wills you and your brothers be in Heaven, and nothing can keep you from It, or It from you. Rest assured that your wildest misperceptions, your weirdest imaginings, your blackest nightmares all mean nothing. They will not prevail against the peace God wills for you. The Holy Spirit will restore your sanity because insanity is not the Will of God. If that suffices Him, it is enough for you. You will not keep what God would have removed, because it breaks communication with you with whom He would communicate. His Voice will be heard.

The communication link that God Himself placed within you, joining your mind with His, cannot be broken. You may believe you want it broken, and this belief does interfere with the deep peace in which the sweet and constant communication God would share with you is known. Yet His channels of reaching out cannot be wholly closed and separated from Him. Peace will be yours and your brothers, because His peace still flows to you from Him Whose Will is peace. You have it now.

The Holy Spirit will teach you how to use His peace, how to be effective and mighty miracle workers by extending that peace and learning that it is in you. God willed you Heaven and will always will you nothing else. The Holy Spirit knows only of His Will, and He will direct you accordingly. There is no chance that Heaven will not be yours and your brothers, for God is sure, and what He wills is as sure as He is.

You will learn to be effective miracle workers because it will not be possible to exempt yourself from what the Holy Spirit wants to teach you. His certainty suffices. Even the darkest nightmare that disturbs the mind of God’s sleeping Son holds no power over you. God watches over you and light surrounds you. Even though you sleep, you and your brothers will hear and answer the glad call to waken and be happy. Your mission as a miracle worker will be fulfilled as surely as the creation will remain unchanged throughout eternity.

The Holy Spirit will undo for you and for your brothers, everything you have learned that teaches that what is not true must be reconciled with truth. Failure is of the ego, not of God. From Him you nor your brothers can wander, and there is no possibility that the plan the Holy Spirit offers to everyone, for the salvation of everyone, will not be perfectly accomplished. You will be released, and your brothers will be released, and none of you will remember anything you made that was not created for you and by you in return. It is reconciliation with truth, and only truth, in which the peace of Heaven lies. And this peace belongs to you and your brothers.

So, welcome the miracle, welcome the truth, welcome peace and welcome the Holy Spirit into your mind and life. Allow Him to show you miracles are natural, and how to remove blockages to light, because He is the Way, the Light, and the Life. Then, when you waken, you will be in Heaven where GOD IS.

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