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How to Learn via the Course Study Guide

The first step in learning something new is to give up everything you think you know and allow it to be replaced with the truth. If you are ready to do that, you life will never be the same!

Briefly, I suggest someone new to this website to begin at the left of the NavBar above and study each page, including the dropdown pages (of which this is one) under each category.  Enjoy and learn from the Enlightenment page (first and foremost) and the Miracle Principles page, for a more complete understanding of both.  Though it is the reader's choice, I found it more helpful to begin with the Workbook Review before studying the Miracle Principles.  We here at Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment mostly want everyone to be comfortable and inspired while learning from the site, and to know that you are important to us and to God, that any question you may have that we may be able to answer, is welcome on the Contact page.  Your enlightenment will help the entire world of which we are a part.  So enjoy and learn and know you are welcome, understood, appreciated and loved!

I recently wrote a review of A Course in Miracles for Amazon.com.  See below:  

Long before A Course in Miracles was dictated to Helen Schucman, I was teaching the principles of miracles to my son. He said that I was obviously speaking the truth, but his eyes were showing him the opposite of what I was saying. He asked me if there was a book to support my teachings to him, and of course I said I had not read one. Then I discovered A Course in Miracles. I read it for four days and four nights without stopping to rest or to eat, drinking only water. At the end of the fourth day, I was not even tired; I was so inspired. I called my son to tell him I had finally found a book that supported what I had been teaching him all those years! This experience taught me that the Course is not something new. The knowledge of the Course is within the mind of each and every one of us, just waiting to be reawakened. (www.UCome.org)   

This Course Study Guide is written simply, yet factually, to help each of you to awaken to the truth that will set YOU free.  

Reverend Lori

Boring?  I don't think so  . . .

Once you are finished learning by contrast on this planet, and you have made that conscious choice and are focused on raising your vibration, they you may choose a higher path.  (Use the words "extend," "amplify," and "beyond.") Yes, it is tiresome to suffer.  And you are noticing -- you all are noticing -- how tired you get from it.  It wastes your energy.  So quit.  There is another path -- a higher happier path; you just CHOOSE IT.

There is a saying on the planet that the teacher will appear when the student is ready.  The teaching will also appear when you are ready.  Suffering is an illusion.  Choose to learn through joy and joy will be yours.  You do not need "things" any longer to make you happy.  You were created happy, you abound in happiness, and no, you are not bored!

Many seem to think enlightenment is boring.  Why do they think that?  It is because they are so certain that suffering is what is needed.  Let that part go.  Know that it is an illusion and that is all.  Happiness will start to fill the gaps.  The void that you may feel, that is also an illusion.  Vibrationally, you are never alone.  You just have to be open to meet the people that vibrate at the same level as you and who are interested in vibrating even higher.  Continue to put your focus where you are the most happy, and you will naturally open your life and heart to others who are on the same path as you.  Choose the path that encourages you to be the happiest and the lightest.  Choose the path where you feel free.  Use that word "free" to guide you.  Does this help me to feel free?  If yes, then, say "YES."

If you are thinking about what to do on this earth, if you do not experience happiness and freedom with the ideas you have been pondering and savoring, then branch out and consider something different, something out of the ordinary with which you have been experiencing.  You have grown, so let your ideas grow with you.  Happiness is a state of being.  It is not attached to anything -- an experience or even an object.  Happiness is WHO YOU ARE!

The people separating into the lower vibrations of fear, violence, sadness, anger, resentment, grudges, boredom, illness and lack -- are down low.  YOU are up high.  Viruses are low, and as they multiply , the madder, angrier, sadder, sicker and more tired people feel and act.  It is all fear based.  When you are up high, you no longer need the viruses. You envision a whole new way of life . . . a happy life beyond the viruses and discord and boredom.

It is all a matter of readiness, and you are ready to take this light of yours to higher levels, yes?  It is awakening to the idea that there is Something more, and you create a new mind for yourself, a mind of peace, of love, of genuine appreciation and
enjoyment.  Be encouraged to have more fun.  None of us have enough fun, enough laughter.  Know that you are not experiencing the separation, you are witnessing it.  And then choose again to experience and witness light and joy.

So thank you for being here. You are a part of the lifting of light and life that is moving throughout this world.  You have no idea how important you are!  Know it. Live it. Trust it. And thank you. Your Presence is appreciated in my heart and in the Heart of God.