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Miracle Principle 3

Principle 3: Miracles occur naturallyas expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle. (T-1.I.3)

Love is natural -- it is our inheritance. Miracles occur naturally as they are expressions of love.

Miracles occur naturally and if they are not occurring something has gone wrong. Yet to you the miracle is unnatural because what you "learned" in this world has made your mind seem so unnatural that it has forgotten what is natural to it. When you are told what is natural, it is difficult for you to understand it because it is so unlike what the world has taught you that it seems impossible. Is the world you live in an experience of perfect happiness and love? Does your life seem to flow with the glory of God? Or is it filled with doubt and often with continuous fruitless efforts followed by despair? Is your life a world of truth -- or of error? If your perception is that you live in a world of doubt, error and despair, it can be changed to a world of perfect happiness, truth, and love by working side-by-side with Jesus to effect miracles which will heal your perception of your world, and of your brother's world as well.

What is there in you now, that can extend undivided, focused love to effect miracles? If you see yourself as an ego, ineffective, vulnerable, afraid and helpless, then miracles may at first appear impossible to accomplish, especially if you lack the understanding of what it entails to perform miracles -- because you can only do what you understand. Yet miracles occur through you daily. You bring inspiration to those who feel tired or dispirited, laughter to those who feel sad, and comfort to those who are lonely. All this is done through you -- often. So, though you may not understand miracles as yet, there must be Something in you that does understand miracles or you would not be sharing them. It is this Something that understands that miracles are natural, both to you and to Him, and this Something doeth the work.

Yes, there is another vision and another Voice in you in Which your freedom lies, awaiting but your choice. And if you place your faith in Him instead of the ego, you will perceive another -- higher -- Self in you. This other Self sees miracles as natural. They are as simple and as natural to it as breathing is to the body. They (miracles) are the obvious response to calls for help, the only one this Self makes, because it is what works!

Miracles seem unnatural to the ego because it fails to understand how separate minds can influence each other. Nor can they do so, but minds are not separate; they are joined and they can communicate and they do. This other Self of which we speak is perfectly aware of this. Thus, it recognizes that miracles do not change another's mind, only its own. Miracles always change your mind. Why and how does this work, then? It works because there is no other mind but yours. God has only one son and that son is you -- and your brother, and your brother's brother. This is why miracles work so easily. Once it works in one mind, it works in all minds, because all minds are joined and there is only ONE (called the Sonship).

This is opposite to the world's teaching because reason does not lie in the ego self. It lies in the other Self which you have cut off from your conscious awareness. Nothing you have allowed to stay in your awareness is capable of reason. And can a mind devoid of reason understand what reason is, or what miracles are? Yet what joins you with the Will of God must still be in you now, being eternal. You must have set aside a place in which the Holy Spirit can abide, and where He is. And you must be free to find this place, or why would it be there for you to find? This is also where you will find the love that you are and that He is. This is the love that inspires miracles, even if or even when you are unaware of them. This Something is always awake and aware and extending love. Look for this place in you where He is, find it with His help, and then proceed accordingly to share His Will for perfect happiness for you and for all your brothers.

Reason is beyond the ego's range of means. So, you will have to leave the ego behind to find the truth, to find the love that you are, to perform miracles naturally and at will. You will have to step forward without the ego, in faith that you will be led to the truth by the truth. Yet once you find it, you cannot fail to have changed perception. And in this change, room is made way for vision. Vision extends past the ego, past insanity, past uncertainty, beyond even itself, as does the purpose it serves:  Enlightenment of the Son of God for Eternity.

So, what must we do to find this other Self of reason, this Self that understands miracles are natural expressions of love?

We at this website and in this Church have lovingly accepted the assignment to join with you, step by step, to find our way home to this Self in the light. We will share how faith and belief, upheld by reason, leads us all to the Holy Spirit. For now, invite Him in. Jesus will bring Him down to you and He will guide you to where your true loving Self is, where perfect peace is, where perfect happiness is --where GOD IS.


Father, I wake with miracles correcting my perception of all things, and even correcting my perception of myself, remembering everything that comes from love is a miracle, and that includes me. AMEN

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