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The Song of Prayer


Ladder of Prayer

1. Praying out–of-need, prayers of supplication

2. Praying out-of-need, in honest belief but without understanding (includes praying for “enemies”)

3. Praying for others

4. Praying with others

5. At the top of the ladder there is a transformation much like your own, for prayer is part of you. The things of earth are left behind, all unremembered.

There is no asking, for there is no lack. Identity in Christ is fully recognized as set forever, beyond all change and incorruptible. The light no longer flickers and will never go out.

Now, without needs of any kind and clad forever in the pure sinlessness that is the gift of God to you, His Son, prayer can again become what it was meant to be. For now it rises as a song of thanks to your Creator, sung without words or thoughts or vain desires, unneedful now of anything at all. So it extends, as it was meant to do. And for the giving God Himself gives thanks.

So now return your holy voice to God. The Song  of Prayer is silent without you. The universe is waiting your release because it is its own. Be kind to it and to yourself, and then be kind to God. Jesus asks but this; that you be comforted and live no more in terror and in pain. Do not abandon Love. Remember this; whatever you may think about yourself, whatever you may think about the world, your Father needs you and  will call to you until you come to him in peace at last. Amen

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