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Workbook Review Lessons 246-252

Lesson 246: To love my Father is to love His Son.

When Jesus left this earth, his instruction to Peter was to “feed my sheep.” He was not talking about animals here, he was talking about His Sons. Jesus makes it obvious here that finding the way to God is by loving his children, our brothers, and by knowing the Father and your brother and yourself are all one. You can only know the Father through love, not through hate or hurt. This love is all inclusive, no one is left out. Nor can you fail to recognize yourself and still know God. Your choice is all -- or all.

Lesson 247: Without forgiveness I will still be blind.

Sin is the symbol of attack. Behold sin anywhere, and you will suffer. Behold only sinlessness and you stand forgiven. Forgiveness is the only means whereby Christ’s vision comes to you. The loveliness of your brother reflects your own. Look only upon the loveliness, and forgiveness will surely be your choice. Remember that your brothers are all God’s Sons. God created them and you in His Image of Love and Light. You are part of them and they are part of you. What you see in them, you see in you. And what you see, when looking at yourself and your brothers with Christ’s vision, is your Self. See only your Self in your brothers today; uplift and be uplifted thereby.

Lesson 248: Whatever suffers is not part of me.

You have had ample opportunities to experience denying, falsifying, rationalizing and disowning the truth. Now be as faithful with disowning the falsity:

Whatever suffers is not part of you.

What grieves is not yourself.

What is in pain is but illusion in your mind.

What dies was never living in reality and mocked the truth about yourself.

Now it is time to disown erroneous self-concepts and conceits about the holy Son of God.

Now you are ready to accept the holy Son of God as God created him, and as he is.

Are you willing to accept your Self as the Son of God? Today? Now? If so, say I AM.

Lesson 249: Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

What we are doing in this lesson is going full circle. We began in the light. We appeared to deviate from the light into the illusory realms where suffering and loss appeared possible and anger appeared to make sense. Jesus and Holy Spirit came with The Plan of Atonement to lift us back into the light which we never, in truth, left. Now forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss has become impossible, anger makes no sense, and where attack is gone and madness is no more.

Now where is suffering, loss, anger, attack and madness? Now where is the world? It has become a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. And so the journey which the Son of God appeared to begin has ended in the light from which he came – full circle. We are now back to the beginning.


Father, we would return our minds to You. We have betrayed them, held them in a vise of bitterness, and frightened them with thoughts of violence and death. We have been unforgiving, untrusting, and unloving toward our brothers. We have forgotten who we are, who our brothers are, and Who You are. Yet we would now know the truth. We would now rest again in You, as You created us. AMEN.

Lesson 250: Let me not see myself as limited.

Behold the Son of God today. Witness but to his glory. Do not try to obscure the light in him, or see his strength diminished and reduced to frailty; nor perceive the lacks in him with which you would attack his sovereignty, nor project a “reality” upon him that is no more his than yours.

Your brother is your Father’s Son. Today behold his gentleness instead of projecting upon him harsh illusions of judgment and grievances. He is what you are. And as you see him, so do you see yourself. Have you been seeing yourself harshly and without compassion, brother? Then, do this. Behold your own gentleness simultaneously along with that of a brother whom you usually see as gentle. Then look at all of your brothers in the same way. See yourself and your brothers truly today, so you may at last identify with them and with truth. See -- there is no limit to the glory of God’s Son!

Theme of Relevance 4: What is Sin?

Sin is insanity. Enough said. If it is insanity, then it cannot be the truth. But it can appear to be the means by which the mind is driven mad, and seeks to let illusions take the place of truth in your mind. The idea of sin gave the body its senses (taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing). Sin gave the body eyes, for what is there the sinless would behold? What need have they of sights or sounds or touch? What would they hear or reach to grasp? What would they sense at all? To sense is not to know. And truth can be but filled with knowledge, and with nothing else. Therefore the senses are a crutch for the unenlightened man. Once you have entered the light, you will not need the body at all!

The body is the home of all illusions, which stand for things imagined, not real, issuing from thoughts that are untrue. And yet, this perception is but a childish game. The Son of God may play that he has become a body, prey to evil and guilt, subject to all kinds of illness, malady and death. He may play that he is inept, confused, belittled, befuddled and bewildered. But all the while His Father shines on, and loves him with an everlasting Love which his pretenses cannot change AT ALL. So will you put away the sharp-edged toys of this world and be kind to yourself now?

Lesson 251: I am in need of nothing but the truth.

You have sought for many things in many places in this world. But you have not been seeking for what you need – for ONLY what you need. All that you sought before was superfluous, excess baggage that has served to weigh you down and slow you down.

Now seek, will, and behold only what you need: THE TRUTH. In that are all needs satisfied, all cravings ended, all hopes finally fulfilled and dreams gone. Now you have everything you need or could ever want. Now at last you find yourself at peace. For that peace, give thanks and rest in God.

Lessons 252: The Son of God is my Identity.

Your Self is holy beyond all the thoughts of holiness of which you can now conceive. Its shimmering and perfect purity is far more brilliant than is any light that you have ever looked upon in this world. Its love is limitless, with an intensity that holds all things within it, in the calm of quiet certainty. Its strength comes not from the burning impulses which move the world, but from the boundless Love of God Himself. How far beyond this world your Self IS, yet how near to you and close to God. 


Father, You know our true Identity. Reveal It now to us who are Your Son, that we may waken to the truth in You, and know that Heaven is restored to us. Amen.  

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