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What We Do

Here at Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment we accept assignments from the Holy Spirit that often require out of the ordinary assistance. We are often assigned to help people whom others either cannot or do not assist, as some people just do not always fit the parameters of group assistance guidelines. And we help these people without unnecessary forms and paperwork. This maintains their privacy and speeds the assistance. For example:

One of our church members assisted H., a farmer, by being her constant live-in companion when she was ill, and by helping her manage her small farm. Our church member kept H's huge dome house clean, including removing hardened molasses from one of her refrigerators. She took her to church, cooking classes, to the state fair, to appointments and wherever she wanted to go. She nursed her to health after heart surgery, and also prepared many meals for her. H. regained her health, and our church member went to another assignment, though she remained in touch with H. thereafter.

One of our founding members, Marie Antoinette Arient, has been most helpful in finding innovative ways to advertise our church and its website and activities, and has been an ardent donator to help keep our church financially solvent. Thank you, Marie. You are most appreciated.

Our Church Elder, himself a minister, has been exceptionally wonderful in helping seniors to keep their medical appointments by providing rides for them, and helping in other ways such as shopping, loosening tight bottle caps, carrying heavy objects for them, (even doing their laundry) etc., and is also an ardent donator in helping to keep our church financially solvent. Thank you, Jeff. You are most appreciated.

Our senior minister has also helped budding writers by doing extensive editing of their work before it is submitted to the intended destination. One such effort helped the writer to win the contest entered!

One of our members assisted M., a veteran and retired postman. Our church member helped M. to get hearing aids. He tended to him when he received a pacemaker, and he helped him recover reimbursement for the cost of hearing aids that went missing while he was in hospital. Our church member took him to plays (some were at local churches) and social events and seminars commensurate with M's interests, played cribbage and worked crossword puzzles with him, took him to doctor's appointments and to the library and to church classes since he could no longer drive, and was his friend and companion. Later, he visited M. every other day for months at a nursing home and reassured him that he would be his Friend forever, even after he was no longer using the body. M. was helped to remove his self-doubts and to see his worth as an outstanding man of character and integrity and to see that he is truly a Son of God. Our church later assisted in officiating at his military memorial service!

One of our members assisted J, who, though an adult, still could not read. J. had been told since childhood that he was mentally aberrant. Our church member saw right away that J. was quite intelligent with an excellent humor; he was just showing symptoms of dyslexia. (Our church member took J. line dancing and when everyone else was turning right, J. was turning left. LOL) Our church member was guided to take him to a visiting specialist who corrected the dyslexia. Our church member then proceeded to teach J. to read, to garden, to dress well (with inexpensive designer clothing from the local thrift stores) and to eat properly, and even how to brush his teeth. He was accompanied to church classes and given a "study-buddy." He was helped to apply for Social Security disability benefits which were readily granted. He was then shown how to count money and make change, first by playing Monopoly and then by making change in stores. There were so many things the church helped J. to do, yet they cannot all be mentioned here. Suffice it to say that his life changed significantly for the better! When J. first came to the church, he was at a crossroads between being jailed or being entered into an asylum. He is now living on his own, doing well and helping others. Is he a Christian? Oh, yes! He was in the beginning, is now, and always will be -- truly being helpful to his brothers alike, and a veritable inspiration to us all.

A. was a former MIT student. He was in so much abdominal pain that he did not want to live. His doctors were not helping him, he said. He was in and out of mental institutions, voluntarily committing himself for short periods of time, as he was concerned lest he might end his life in a misguided effort to end the pain. Our church member rescued him from his feather-infested condominium, tended to his meals, tended to his parrot (took it to get its wings clipped, etc.), took A. to doctor appointments, laid out his many vitamins and medications, washed his clothing, sorted his socks, cleaned his home, made his bed daily and put water by his bed at night, etc. Our church member talked and prayed with A. at length to lift his spirits. Finally, she was inspired to take A. to an acupuncturist who worked on the areas of his pain, and it was relieved after only a few visits. A. also thought he was not entitled to receive Social Security benefits. Our church member assisted him in getting his due. Now A. (after receiving a substantial family inheritance) is contentedly resuming his life of helping others. 

P. was a gardener. His mother came to the church to ask for help for her son to mature. He was given many lessons, in and out of church, to which he responded very well, and he even passed along the teaching to his friends. Both he and his mother are grateful.

C. was a former nun. One of our church members met her at the church and at C's request, she volunteered to be a constant companion to C. She helped her to garden (C's erstwhile hobby), drove her to church and related functions, cooked for her on occasion, shared their spiritual interests, helped her write checks to charities, took walks with her, and was her friend. C. moved to be near her daughter and our church member moved on to help another.

J. was an Elvis tribute artist. He fell down a cliff while hiking at Red Rock in Las Vegas and was air lifted to the hospital for hand surgery and treatment. One of our church members tended to him as he healed, moving to a house two doors away so as to be near enough to readily help J. As a result of not being able to work for some time, J's finances were in disarray. A bookkeeping system was implemented for him, a second mortgage on his house was removed, and a more workable first mortgage payment was negotiated. J. was also counseled to recover from deep depression.

B. is a veteran who often professed to being unhappy. He drank water by the gallon daily and his thirst was still not satisfied, so one of our church members accompanied him to the VA Hospital (despite B's previous antipathy toward the facility) where he was diagnosed with extremely severe diabetes. B. immediately commenced treatment of insulin and other related assistance as prescribed by the VA physicians. On several separate occasions our church member again took him to the VA Hospital in the nick of time to save his life from a toe infection, difficulty breathing, and both high and low blood sugar. He was helped to stop drinking alcohol and he has not had a drop since (well over 20 years now). Our church member helped him to receive medicines through IV methods at his home, and cooked him healthy meals to increase his strength, and also cut his hair so he would not have to go to a barber. He was also guided to an eye specialist for vision difficulties related to the diabetes, and our church member took him to his appointments every six weeks for exams where his eyes were dilated and injected, and later took him for cataract surgery. Our church member tended to him after he had heart surgery (6 bypasses). Above all, he was taught how to choose happiness as a way of life. His health is now significantly better. He is happier and more energetic (he walks three miles in the park several times per week). He is also now a Church Elder and an ordained Minister. The church continues to this day to minister guidance and kindness to this most worthy Christian and veteran who is still alive and happy thanks to God. He is also a truly helpful church member and a minister himself who demonstrates it daily as he helps others even as he was helped.

One of our church members became a live-in nanny for a divorced man with two children. The World Book Encyclopedia for Children was introduced to them, and all the activities that came with it. Regular food delivery was implemented, and healthy food was cooked for the family. Our church member bought a set of LIED dinosaurs for the little boy who was interested in them, and they sang songs about dinosaurs together. Shopping was on the agenda for the little girl who had been wearing oversized hand-me-downs. Our church member took the children to church and related activities, to puppet shows, and to playgrounds and museums and the zoo, to see the dolphins, and other interesting places for children. Our church member cleared their dangerously cluttered back yard so they would have a safe place to play, and then sorted their overloaded garage. When the social worker came, she said the children could stay with their father because the house was now safe, nourishing food was provided, and they had a good nanny. Our church member was praised by the family attorney who was in full possession of the facts of the situation. She also helped the children's father buy some real estate which tripled in value in three months. When leaving, our church member provided the children with a promised trampoline. The children are loving, happy adults now, helped by the guidance of our church member and the prayers of our church.

The church has also provided much furniture and many items of clothing and items for the households of the residents of a senior apartment dwelling in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lately, our church founder and senior minister has edited a quite lengthy website for a new school in India, at the request of one of the former class attendees of our church who is (as of this writing) now living in India and is a volunteer director of the new school for girls. We pray for God's highest and best will for the new school and for the teachers and for the students who enroll.

The church donates time, food, and other necessities (such as toothbrushes) to help various groups in their endeavors to help teenagers and adults to move forward with zeal and with love.  This is joyfully donated at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other times during the year.

There are many other examples of how our church has helped people who were out of the mainstream (more will be added), yet they still needed help. And many more await to be helped. Thank you for your sincere interest in helping Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment to bring more joy to our brothers in this world and for helping this world to be a happier and holier place for us ALL.

Reverend Lori Revo

(And yes, we officiate at wedding ceremonies, baby blessings, memorial services and the like -- wherever our help is needed.)

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