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Workbook Review Lessons 113-119

Lesson 113: Review of Lessons 95 and 96

(95) I am one Self, united with my Creator. Your life appears to be in discordant pieces. What you really want is to unite all these parts in the flow of spirit, with all obstacles removed, and with your purpose and the means to fulfill it to be CLEAR.

The course offers you a vision of a unified Self. It speaks of "a mind at peace within itself." (W-pII.8.3:4) It tells you that because you must be only one Self, you cannot be in conflict, and yet the mind constantly seem to be at war with itself and the world in one way or another. One brother thinks this way; another brother thinks another way. Yet all minds share one Self and this Self is "at one with all creation and with God." There are not many people with many minds; there is one Son of God with one mind unified with and in the Mind of God. It is all internal, all-embracing and all inclusive. No one is left out of God's Mind. Think of it as all mankind, in the Womb or Heart of God, sharing One Mind (God's) and all God's Thoughts.

As you free yourself of conflict within, your conflict with the world will also miraculously disappear. The world merely acts as a mirror for your own internal thoughts. When you have removed all the obstacles to peace in your mind through forgiveness, and when you have recognized the truth of your unified being, this awareness of wholeness will naturally extend to your brothers, who will then draw more brothers to their wholeness, etc. and this is called the Circle of Atonement.

(96) Salvation comes from my one Self. Conflicting images of yourself come and go with startling frequency. There is a "hum" in which all drama seems to occur, yet this is not your reality. From your one quiet Self, Whose knowledge still remains within your mind, you see God's perfect plan for your salvation perfectly fulfilled. Let Jesus and the Holy Spirit lead you to this Self now.

Lesson 114: Review of Lessons 97 and 98

(97) I am spirit. Although you appear to be on the earth as a part of a limited body with a limited mind, in truth that is not what you are at all. When truth is all that you remember, all this will pass, and you will know that you are spirit, completely unlimited and completely whole.

(98) I will accept my part in God's plan for salvation. What can your function be but to accept the Word of God and to share it? What is the Word of God? It is:

"My Son is pure and holy as Myself."


Lesson 115: Review of Lessons 99 and 100

(99) Salvation is my only function here. Remember that salvation is a promise, made by God, that you will find your way to Him at last. You find your way by forgiving the world for all of your mistakes, your false perceptions that are born in ignorance and fear. This brings to mind what the course says about projection. Everything you see in some way is a projection of a judgment made on yourself. You make the judgment on yourself first. You find that unpalatable, so you project that judgment onto your brothers and onto the world, and fool yourself into believing that the "fault, blame, action" is them and not you. Everything that you are reluctant to forgive of your brothers, then, is but a reflection of the degree to which you have not forgiven yourself. Do you see that?

(100) My part is essential to God's plan for salvation. Forgiveness is therefore ultra important (essential) to God's plan for salvation. Without forgiveness you and your brothers will remain in the dark, and you will be of little use to yourself, to your brothers, or to God's plan. You are therefore invited to take your place alongside all those who have answered the call for salvation, and to do your part. Everyone you meet may be seen as an opportunity to share the Love of God and the truth of His Word. Listen to the Holy Spirit as He tells you what to say to each brother He sends to you. You will then happily learn the truth together.

Lesson 116: Review of Lessons 101 and 102

(101) God's Will for me is perfect happiness. How could a loving God/Father/Creator want anything else for His Son but What He is: LOVE. Love, Happiness and Joy are all the same. And there is no will aside from God's, because there is NOTHING that is apart from God. So any idea you may have that illness, pain and suffering and death are part of God's Will for you, quickly understand this cannot be so. Therefore choose to be happy, as that is His Will and yours.

(102) I share God's Will for happiness for me. Ask yourself honestly if you choose to be happy. "Am I willing to give up unhappiness, worry, confusion and fear in exchange for happiness, peace, certainty and love? Am I willing to give up this worldly drama for the ever-present flow of the peace of God? Is happiness a good substitute for the 'thrill of the chase?'" The only way to know for certain is to choose happiness and see.

All the dark thoughts of the ego that show you are undeserving of God's happiness, and so your only alternative is to accept temporary pleasures while you can until death takes you from this world, are but a ploy to bind you to the ego's machinations and to blind you to the truth. You WANT to be happy. God wills only the best -- PERFECT HAPPINESS -- for His Son!

Lesson 117: Review of Lessons 103 and 104

(103) God, being Love, is also happiness. Remember that love is happiness and nothing else brings joy but love. Accept no substitutes for love. Are you not happiest when being truly loving? If you are not experiencing happiness as much or as often in your life as you would like, simply decide that love is your will; the entire universe will open to give you your desire.

(104) I seek but what belongs to me in truth. Love is what you ARE! How could what you are belong anywhere but where you are? How could you lose it, or not have it? So just be it!

Lesson 118: Review of Lessons 105 and 106

(105) God's peace and joy are mine. Today accept God's peace and joy, instead of all the substitutes that the ego has offered/demanded. Conflict, sadness and the like are not yours. They have no bearing whatsoever on who you are. So why choose them and thus pretend you are someone/something else? The ego's offerings are parasites. Reject them.

(106) Let me be still and listen to the truth. Hearing the still quiet Voice of the truth, in the midst of a cacophony of ego sounds and raucous shrieks, may not appear to be easy as yet. Therefore seek solitude and quiet, listen purposefully for a while, until truth is all you hear wherever you are. Sheep hear their shepherd's voice. God's Son discerns His Voice.

Lesson 119: Review of Lessons 107 and 108

(107) Truth will correct all errors in my mind. You are spirit. Spirit is eternal and unchanging, created by God like Himself. By the course's definition, nothing that is real can be threatened, hurt, damaged or even changed -- in any way. Remember that the truth is invulnerable, and you are eternally safe in that truth, at rest in the Mind of God.

(108) To give and to receive are one in truth. What you give to your brother, you also give to yourself. Does that inspire you to give (and thus receive) only what is holy and loving? Will you forgive your brother any grievance that you may perceive that he has caused you, if you know that he is reflecting only what you projected from yourself? He is blessing you by showing you what your projections and extensions are. To see them is to put you in a position to correct them if they need correcting, or to love them if they are loving.

So see past the errors and eccentricities of others, until what is beneath the errors emerges and shines through them. It will be the light, the truth of BOTH of you -- guaranteed!

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