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Principles of Miracles -- Review 11-20

Principle 11

1. Q: What is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation?

     A: Prayer

Ref: Page 1, #1 ( 1-8 )

2. Q: What is the secret of true prayer?

     A: " ... to forget the things you think you need ... and let them go into God's Hands." 

Ref: Page 1, #3 (S-1.I.4:1-3)

3. Q: Wherein lies the power of prayer?

     A: Praying to Christ in anyone

         Asking that Christ be but Himself

         Thanksgiving for what you are

         Asking for nothing, receiving everything.

Ref: Page 1, #6 (S-1.I.7:1-11)

4. Q: What is the aim of prayer?

     A: "... to release the present from its chains of past illusions."

         "Turn to the Name of God for your release, and it is given you. No prayer but this is necessary ... "

Ref: Page 7, #8 (S-l.IV.3:5)

        Page 5, #29 (W-183.l0:1-6)

5. Q: What is the only meaningful prayer?

     A: "... for forgiveness, because those who have been forgiven have everything."


Ref: Page 2, #13 (T-3.V.6:1-8)

6. Q: What is the healer's prayer?

     A: "Let me know this brother as I know myself." 

Ref: Page 3, #18 (

7. Q: Is prayer always answered?

     A: Yes. "There are many answers you have already received but have not yet heard. I assure you that they are waiting for you.

Ref: Page 3, #21 (T-9.II.3:1-7)

8. Q: How is God praised?

     A: "God is praised whenever any mind learns to be wholly helpful."

Ref: Page 4, #23 (T-4.VII.8:1-8)

9. Q: What is the Holy Spirit's function?

     A: "The Holy Spirit's function is entirely communication. He therefore must remove whatever interferes with communication in order to restore it."

Ref: Page 4, #26 (T-14.VI.8:1-8)

Principle 12

1. Q: What produces a dense cover over miracle impulses?

     A: "Your distorted perceptions ... the confusion of miracle impulses with physical impulses ..."

Ref: Page 1, #2 (T-l.VII.l:I-7)

2. Q: What did God create our minds to be?

     A: "... forever as a channel for the reception of His Mind and Will."

Ref: Page 1, #6 (T-4.VII.3:1-9)

3. Q: What is the only possible reason for continuing guilt feelings?

     A: "The continuing decision to remain separated ..."

Ref: Page 2, #12 (T-S.V.8:1-8)

*4. Q: How does the Holy Spirit see the world?

      A: "... as a teaching device for bringing you home."

Ref: Page 3, #17 (T -5.III.I I:1)

Principle 13

1. Q: What does the ego offer? What does Spirit offer?

     A: Ego: "... a sense of temporary existence ..."

         Spirit "... the knowledge of permanence and unshakable being..."

                  "... the glorious gift of God ..."

Ref: Page 1, #4 (T-4.III.3:2-4,6,8)

2. Q: What outcomes for every trial we think we still must meet, is guaranteed by our Father'? What can delay these outcomes?

     A: Guarantee: "... only happy outcomes in the end."

          Delay: your interference

Ref: Page 1,#6 (W-292.2:I-2)

3. Q: How does the Holy Spirit translate what you have made into what God created?

     A: "By reinterpreting the ability to attack into the ability to share."

Ref: Page 2, #10 (T-9.IV.3:1-3)

4. Q: For what purpose was "free will" given you?

     A: "... for your joy in creating the perfect."

Ref: Page 3, #16 (T-2.I.3:1-10)

5. Q: What is the "devil"?

     A: "... the belief in separation ..."

Ref: Page 3, #17 (T-3.VII.5:1-11,6:1-2)

6. Q: What "call" dissolves the ego?

      A: "... the call to joy. This call is so strong that the ego always dissolves at its sound."

Ref: Page 4, #18 (T-5.II.3:1-3,7-11)

7. Q: What does the miracle do?

     A: "The miracle does nothing. All it does is undo. And thus, it cancels out the interference to what has been done."

Ref: Page 4, #21 (T-28.I.1:1-3)

Principle 14

1. Q: What are those who witness for Jesus expressing through their miracles?

     A: "... that they have abandoned the belief in deprivation in favor of the abundance they have learned belongs to them."

Ref: Page 1, #1 (T-1.IV.4:6-8)

2. Q: Why is God's Oneness and ours not separate?

     A: "... because His Oneness encompasses ours."

Ref: Page 1, #3 (T-8.V.3:1-7)

3. Q: How do we learn how to awaken?

     A: "Very simply the Holy Spirit teaches you to awaken others. As you see them waken you will learn what waking means ..."

Ref: Page 1, #4 (T-9.VI.5:1-5)

4. Q: What is the Holy Spirit's form of communication in this world?

     A: Healing

Ref: Page 3, #19 (T-7.V.3:1-7)

5. Q: What is magic?

     A: "Magic is the mindless or the miscreative use of mind."

Ref: Page 4, #21 (T-2.V.2:1-6)

6. Q: Why does the Holy Spirit ask for faith - even in bewilderment?

     A: "For this (bewilderment, confusion) will go, and you will see the justification for your faith emerge, to bring you shining conviction."

Ref: Page 5, #31 (T-17.V.7:11-12)

Principle 15

1. Q: How should the Teacher of God spend his day?

     A: Spend time with God as soon as possible upon waking

         Remember to think of pure joy, peace and limitless release throughout the day

         Recognize that temptation is meaningless

         Spend quiet time with God in the evening before retiring.

Ref: Page 1, #2 (M-16)

2. Q: What is the purpose of time?

     A: to learn what it means to have "... no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be perfectly calm and quiet all the time."

Ref: Page 1, #5 (T-15.I.1:1-5)

3. Q: What is the device by which you can free yourself from the past as you go ahead?

     A: the Atonement

Ref: Page 1, #6 (T-2.II.6:4-10)

4. Q: How does the separated mind maintain the separation?

     A: by dissociating from the truth

Ref: Page 2, #8 (T-4.VI.4:1-4)

        Principle 16, Page 2, #12 (T-6.III.4:1-9)

5. Q: What is the ego's use of time?

     A: "... nothing but a teaching device for compounding guilt until it becomes all-encompassing, demanding vengeance forever."

Ref: Page 2, #9 (T-15.I.7:6-7)

6. Q: What is the Holy Spirit's use of time?

     A: " ... as a teaching device for bringing you home."

Ref: Page 2, #1 (T-S.III.ll:1-10)

        See Principle 12, #4 above

7. Q: What produces immediate effects?

     A: only infinite patience - which calls upon infinite love, and by producing results now it renders time unnecessary

Ref: Page 2, #12 (T-5.VI.12:1-8)

Principle 16

1. Q: What is the only blessing you can truly give?

     A: The Holy Spirit - "Because He has been given you truly by God, you must give Him as you received Him."

Ref: Page 1, #2 (T-5.VI.12:7-8)

2. Q: Where do you find instantaneous escape from guilt?

     A: in the holy instant - "In the crystal cleanness of the release you give..."

Ref: Page 1, #5 (T-15.I.12:1-2,4)

        Page 1, #6 (T-15.I.13:1-8)

3. Q: What is the Holy Spirit's most useful learning device?

     A: the holy instant... for teaching you love's meaning.

Ref: Page 1, #7 (T-15.V.l:1-7)

4. Q: What is the ego's chief learning device?

     A: the past... where you learned to define your own needs and acquired methods for meeting them on your own terms ... to bring guilt into your relationships, and thus make them unreal

Ref: Page 2, #8 (T-15.V.2:1-7)

5. Q: Who is my brother's savior? Who is mine?

     A: "You are your brother's savior. He is yours."

Ref: Page 4, #2 (T-21.VI.9:1-9)

6. Q: What is the law of love?

     A: "... give what I would find and make my own."

Ref: Page 4, #26 (W-349.1:1-3)

Principle 17

1. Q: What makes love seem limited?

     A: "It is only the awareness of the body ..."

Ref: Page 1, #2 (T-18.VIII.The Little Garden)

2. Q: What is the Holy Spirit's temple?

     A: "... not a body, but a relationship."

Ref: Page 1, #3 (T-20.VI. paragraphs 5-12)

3. Q: What will we see as the Holy Spirit releases our vision and lets us see our brothers?

     A: "...the Great Rays shining from them, so unlimited that they reach to God ... accomplished in the holy instant."

Ref: Page 1, #5 (T-15.IX.l:I-2)

4. Q: What is the basis of healing?

     A: "The acceptance of sickness as a decision of the mind, for a purpose for which it would use the body ..."

Ref: Page 3, #19 (M-5.II.12:1)

        Page 3, #2 (M-5.II.3:1-2)

        Page 3, #22 (P-2.IV.ll:7)

*5. Q: How is God remembered?

      A: gratitude - "... for love cannot be far behind a grateful heart and thankful mind."

Ref: Page 4, #27 (M-23.4:1-7)

Principle 18

1. Q: What is the proper function of the mind? What are the mind's errors?

     A: Function: to be in the service of the Holy Spirit

         Errors: lacks of love

Ref: Page 1, #2 (T-l.IV.2:3-7,11)

2. Q: What is the natural result of choosing to follow Christ?

     A: the miracle - the abundance of Christ

Ref: Page 1, #3 (T-l.V.6:1-7)

3. Q: What is the only environment in which a Son of God is happy?

     A: - "A Son of God is happy only when he knows he is with God."

         - where he will not experience strain

         - where he belongs

         - where the environment is worthy of him

Ref: Page 2, #7 (T-7.XI.2:6-8)

4. Q: What is creation? How will we know the Kingdom of God and all creation?

     A: "Creation is the sum of all God's Thoughts in number infinite and everywhere without all limit."

          By knowing the Sons of God

Ref: Principle 19, Page 4, #24 (W.pII.ll.l:l.What is Creation?)

        Principle 18, Page 2, #10 (T-7.XI.7:10-11)

5. Q: When a brother acts insanely, what is he offering you? What do you need?

     A: "... he is offering you an opportunity to bless him. His need is yours. You need the blessing you can offer him."

Ref: Page 3, #18 (T-7.VII.2:1-8)

6. Q: Why must we recognize all whom we see as brothers?

     A: "... because only equals are at peace."

Ref: Page 4, #21 (T-7.III.4:10)

7. Q: How do you see your value?

     A: "... through your brothers' eyes ..." 

Ref: Page 3, #17 (T-22.VI.8:1-3)

8. Q: When Jesus said "I am with you always," how did he mean it?

     A: "... literally. I (Jesus) am not absent to anyone in any situation."

Ref: Page 4, #19 (T-7.III.1:1-12)

9. Q: When will you see your brother's worth?

     A: "... when all you want for him is peace. And what you want for him you will receive."

Ref: Page 5, #30 (T-20.V.3:6-7)

Principle 19

1. Q: What is the difference between the ego's projection and the Holy Spirit's extension?

     A: Ego: "... projects to exclude, and therefore to deceive."

         Holy Spirit: "... extends by recognizing Himself in every mind, and thus perceives them as one."

Ref: Page 1, #5 (T-6.II.12:1-8)

2. Q: What is keeping us from living forever in the holy instant?

     A: Our preference to have private thoughts and keep them, denying the perfect open communication that makes the holy instant what it is

Ref: Page 2, #5 (T-1.S.IV.6:3-8)

        Page 2, #7 (T-15.IV.7:1-S)

3. Q: How do we heal our brothers?

     A: " ... as we see them truly ..."

         " ... as we overlook the mind and body"

         " ... by accepting God for them."

Ref: Principle 19, Page 5, #31 (T-7.V.II:1-8)

        Principle 17, Page 3, #20 (M-22.4:1-5)

        Principle 19, Page 3, # 17 (T-10.III.2:2-4)

4. Q: Why did Jesus request us to "Do this in remembrance of me"?

     A: It is "... the appeal for cooperation from miracle workers."

         "If you deny love, you will not know it because your cooperation is the law of its being."

         "Alone we can do nothing ..."

         "You have done miracles, but it is quite apparent that you have not done them alone."

Ref: Page 3, #21 (T-2.V.A.I7:1-6)

        Page 4, #22 (T-9.I.7-8)

        Page 2, #10 (T-8.V.1:6-8)

        Page 3, #12 (T-16.II.4:1-3)

Principle 20

1. Q: Where does the healing power of the miracle come from?

     A: "Power is of God, given by Him and reawakened by the Holy Spirit, Who knows that as you give you gain."

Ref: Page 1, #1 (T-20.IV.1:4-5,8-9)

2. Q: What is salvation?

     A: "Salvation is a lesson in giving, as the Holy Spirit interprets it. It is the reawakening of the laws of God in minds that have established other laws and given them power to enforce what God created not." Salvation promises that we will find out way to God at last.

Ref: Page 1, #2 (T-20.IV.2:9-10)

3. Q: What is the prerequisite to Jesus reaching up and bringing the Holy Spirit down to you?

     A: "Your own invitation ..." 

Ref: Page 2, #11 (T-5.I.3:1-6)

4. Q: What is rebirth? Who is our model for rebirth?

     A: Rebirth: " ... merely the dawning on your mind of what is already in it." (Instant Relief)

         Model: Jesus

Ref: Page 3, #13 (T-6.I.7:1-6)

5. Q: We are still equal as learners. Do we need to have equal experiences?

     A: No. "... by being able to hear the Holy Spirit in others you can learn from their experience and can gain from them without experiencing them directly yourself."

Ref: Page 3, #16 (T-6.1.10:1-6)

6. Q: What is the perfectly clear message of the crucifixion?

     A: "Teach only love. for that is what you are."

Ref: Page 4, #19 (T-6.I.13:1-2)

7. Q: How do we think like God and create like Him? Why?

     A: Think like Him: "... is to share His certainty of what you are ..."

         Create like Him: "... is to share the perfect Love He shares with you ..."

         Why: "... that your joy may be complete because the Kingdom of God is whole."

Ref: Page 4, #22 (T-7.I.6:1-6)

8. Q: Why should we be of good cheer?

     A: "In this world you need not have tribulation because I (Jesus) have overcome the world. That is why you should be of good cheer."

Ref: Page 5, #29 (T-4.I.13:1-11)

9. Q: Why are we asked to trust the Holy Spirit?

     A: " ... only because He speaks for you ... He shares His Will with you, He does not thrust it upon you ... 

          healing is the beginning of the recognition that your will is His."

Ref: Page 5, #31 (T-ll.I.ll:l,3,9)

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