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The Song of Prayer

Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing  

 III. Separation versus Union

1. False healing may heal the body in part, but never as a whole. Its separate goals become quite clear in this, for it has not removed the false doctrine that lies on it. If that had been removed, then healing would not be in part, but would be whole. The Son of God would be evident in the healing, and truth would have been reached at last. 

In essence, then, the cause of the sickness has remained obscured and has not been removed, thus the healing of the body is only partial and most likely temporary as well. Therefore, there is still deception, still more that needs correcting in the mind. Nor is the body made by one who understands that his brother is exactly like himself. For it is this that makes true healing possible. Only when a brother has seen another and recognizes that he sees himself, can true healing take place. 

When healing is false, there is some power that another appears to have, not equally bestowed on both as one. Here, the separation is shown. And here, the meaning of true healing has been lost, and idols have arisen to obscure the unity that is the Son of God. All differences that there appear to be among the Sons of God are temporary. When healed, the Sons of God are all the same to the point of oneness.

2. Healing-to-separate may seem to be a strange idea. And yet it can be said of any form of healing that is based on inequality of any kind. These forms may appear to heal the body, and indeed they are generally limited to this. Someone knows better, has been better trained, or is perhaps more talented and wise. Therefore, he can give a partial and temporary healing to the body of one who stands beneath him in his patronage. 

The healing of the body can be done by this because, in dreams, equality cannot be permanent. The shifts and changes are what the dream is made of. To be healed appears to be to find a wiser one who, by his arts and learning, will succeed.

3. Someone knows better --  this is the magic phrase by which the body seems to be the aim of healing as the world conceives of it.  Yet another doctor or therapist or practitioner will surely be able to discover what the core of this situation is.  And to this wiser one another goes to profit by his learning and his skill; to find in him the remedy for pain. 

How can that be? True healing cannot come from inequality assumed, and then accepted as the truth, and used to help restore the wounded and to calm the mind that suffers from the agony of doubt. Healing can come only from equality.  It is the idea of being unequal, of being separate, of doubting your oneness with God that caused the sickness in the first place.

Ah, doubt, that culprit of the mind.  What do you doubt, other than everything? You doubt Who you are, you doubt Who your brothers are,  you doubt Who your Father is.  If it is not nailed down, you doubt it.  And doubt is the opposite of FAITH, and it is FAITH that moves mountains.

It is also FAITH that heals and protects and loves.  Doubt not that doubt is not real. FAITH in the TRUTH will save you from the imaginings and ailments currently residing in the mind and which are represented by ailments in the body..  The truth is one; the truth is God.

4.  Is there a role for healing, then, that one can use to offer help for someone else? In arrogance the answer must be "no."  But in humility there is indeed a place for helpers. It is the phrase that helps in prayer. Remember the phrase "we go together you and I"? As you pray with those more confident in prayer than you are as yet, it will add power to your prayer.  Prayer lets forgiveness be what it is meant to be, a doorway to truth.

In healing you do not make yourself the bearer of the special gift that brings the healing.  You but recognize your oneness with the one who calls for help.  For in this oneness is his separate sense dispelled, and it is this that made him sick.  The idea of separation is the cause of all sickness! There is no point in giving remedy apart from where the source of sickness is, for one can never be healed "apart."  So join with your brother, and you and your brother join with the Father, and be ye both healed. And then together, heal the world. ~ Just do it! ~

5. Healers there are, for there are Sons of God who recognize their Source, and understand that all their Source creates is one with them. This is the remedy that brings relief which cannot fail.  It will remain to bless for all eternity.  It heals no part, but it heals wholly and forever. Now the cause of every malady has been revealed exactly as it is. And in that place is written now the holy Word of God.

Sickness and separation (the same) must be healed by love and union (also the same, but different from the first). Nothing else can heal as God established healing. Without Him there is no healing, for there is no love. Without love there is nothing, because love is everything. God is Love. And God is all.

6. God's Voice alone can tell you how to heal. Listen, and you will never fail to bring His kindly remedy to those He sends to you (or you to them) to let Him heal them, and to bless all those who serve with Him in healing's name. He will send you to your brother, tell you where to go, what to say, and show you what to do. And He will say and do the healing through you, so there is no room for error. Just step back and let Him heal your brother. Just do nothing. You can do this, brother.

The body's healing will occur because its cause has gone. And now without a cause, the sickness (separation) cannot come again in a different form. Nor will death any more be feared because it has now been understood. There is no fear in one who has been truly healed, for love has entered now where idols (fear) used to stand. The separation is healed, doubt has gone, and fear has given way at last to God. Amen 

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