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Workbook Review Lessons 155-161

Lesson 155: I will step back and let him lead the way.

The world is an illusion. You came here seeking to be an illusion and to avoid your own reality. Yet you cannot leave yourself. Wherever you go, you take you with you. When you chose to come to this world, you were mistaken in your choice, and you have suffered from a deep sense of loss that you do not understand. Once you learn of your mistake, and choose again, you will rejoice. But until you do, you will need a Teacher Who perceives your madness in choosing to come here, but Who can still look beyond the illusion that you are pretending to be, to the simple truth in you instead.

That Teacher is the Holy Spirit. He will show you a way of living in the world that is not here, although it seems to be. You do not change appearance, though you smile more frequently. Your forehead is serene; your eyes are quiet. And the ones who walk the world as you do recognize their own. Those who still walk the way of ego will recognize you, too, and believe you are still like them, as you were before. Yet you have set your footsteps on the way God has opened to you, and to them through you.

There is a path that leads away from loss of every kind, one which quickly leaves sacrifice and deprivation behind as you walk toward truth. Those who follow you will walk with you on this path. All salvation does is ask that you accept the truth and let it go before you, lighting your way. This you can do with ease, as the Holy Spirit guides you through the darkness to the light within. Letting the ego lead is madness. It is tantamount to walking in darkness toward a ditch or a steep cliff, which is trepidatious, to say the least. So step back and let the illusion of insanity sink behind the truth of sanity. Let the Holy Spirit lead the way, for you would walk away from the ego, along the road to God.

Lesson 156: I walk with God in perfect holiness.

Ideas do not leave their source. You are an idea of love, an idea of God. Therefore your Source is God. If this is true, how can you be apart from Him? It is simple; you cannot. And where God is, there must be holiness as well as life. This is the way salvation works. As you step back, the light in you shines forth and encompasses the world. In light and in laughter, all mistakes are gone, because they are absurd, just a silly dream. They no longer affect your thoughts, words or actions. The approach to God is near. You are free just to BE. You are as God created you, and He created you in His Image. Who walks with you? You walk with God in light as angels peacefully clear your path.

Lesson 157: Into His Presence would I enter now.

You have spent long days and nights in celebrating death, in entertaining thoughts in your mind which were not only lacking in peace, but in many instances they were frightening nightmares because they were in the dark and they were untrue. Now it is time to experience the joy of life. When you join your will with His, what you ask for must be given you. Ask to enter into His Presence. You may experience startling results, even the first time you ask this of Him. This will be a new experience for you; a different kind of feeling and an awareness of being in eternity. His perfect Love assures it.

Lesson 158: Today I learn to give as I receive.

You have been given the knowledge that you are a mind, in Mind and purely mind, sinless forever, wholly unafraid, because you were created out of Love. With Christ’s vision you look upon everyone, on every circumstance, all happenings and all events -- without the slightest fading of the light it sees. This is what you must give: see no one as a body. Greet your brother as the Son of God he is, and acknowledge that he is one with you in holiness. Christ’s vision has the power to overlook all errors and to see the holiness that lies beyond them. So give this, and receive what you give. And you will know your brother and yourself. By the holy gifts you give, Christ’s vision looks upon you as well.

Lesson 159: I give the miracles I have received.

No one can give what he has not received. The world believes that to give is to lose. The truth is that to give is how you recognize that you have received. How can you give happiness to a brother if you are not happy? Giving happiness is how you recognize that you are happy. There is no miracle that you cannot give, because all are given you. Receive them now by opening up the storehouse in your mind where they have been kept for you by the Holy Spirit, and give them all away.

Christ’s vision is a miracle. It reflects Eternal Love and pictures Heaven’s innocence. Christ’s vision is the miracle in which all miracles are born. It is their source. Christ’s vision is the bridge between the worlds. And you can safely trust in its power to carry you from this world into one made holy by forgiveness. Things which are seen as quite solid here are merely shadows there; transparent, faintly seen, at times forgot, and never obscure the light that shines beyond them. Here, all can be received but for the asking. The door to the storehouse is never locked and no one is denied his least request or his most urgent need. There is no sickness not already healed, no lack unsatisfied, no need unmet within this golden treasury of Christ. Behold the store of miracles set out for you to give.

Christ has dreamed the dream of a forgiven world. It is His gift, whereby a sweet transition can be made from death to life, from hopelessness to hope. For an instant, dream with Him. His dream will awaken you to truth. His vision gives the means for a return to your unlost and everlasting sanctity in God. Become His messenger and share His dream with your brother, giving as you have received.

Lesson 160: I am at home. Fear is the stranger here.

Fear is a stranger to love. Identify with fear, and you will be a stranger to yourself. God created you as love. If you identify with fear, you are unknown to yourself. Who could be sane in a situation such as this? You will continually ask “who am I,” and will continually not know the answer. But ask of One Who knows, and the Answer will be given you.

You were created in love by God and you are His Son. The ego, the idea of separation and fear, is a stranger to you. And yet it is to the ego that you open your home, your mind, and let it run rampant through your thoughts, telling you which to keep and which to throw away. The ego would have you keep every thought that will frighten you and confuse you and leave you bereft of any hope. Is this the kind of visitor you welcome gladly to your home?

And yet, how easy it would be to say, “This is my home. Here is where I belong, and I will not leave because a madman says I must. What reason do you have for not saying this? You opened the door and let the stranger (fear) into your home (mind). Love and fear cannot coexist, so one of you must go. Do you have anywhere better to be? Is there another home more suited to you?

A stranger to himself can find no home wherever he may look. Only a miracle will show him who he is and where he resides. Know this: no stranger can be interposed between God and His Son. Only a miracle, a change of mind and choice, will rid your home of this stranger. Hear God’s Voice assure you, quietly and certainly, that your home is yours, that the ego has no place there, and that you share your home with truth and light, and your brothers who are one with you. Your home is in the Christ Mind. It is in God.

Cast the stranger out and joyously unite with Christ Who will lead you gently home to Heaven where you belong. Not one does Christ forget. Not one. Therefore He has not forgotten you. But you will not remember Him until you look on all as He does. To deny your brother is to deny Him, and thus refusing to accept the gift of sight by which his Self is clearly recognized, his home remembered and salvation come. Whom God has joined remain forever one, at home in Him, no stranger to Himself.

Lesson 161: Give me your blessing, holy Son of God.

In this lesson, you take a stand against your anger, that your fears may disappear and offer the room in your mind that they previously occupied, to love. Complete abstraction is the natural condition of the mind. But part of it is now unnatural. Your mind does not look on everything as one. It looks upon specifics. It looks upon separation, objects and matter. Fear attaches to specifics.

It seems that the body limits your freedom, makes you suffer, and at last puts out your life. Yet bodies are but symbols for a concrete form of fear. Fear without a corresponding symbol or object will mean nothing to you. There must be something to be afraid of, something to attack or to defend yourself from. Love does not have symbols. Love is abstract and attaches to nothing specific. Love is all-encompassing. Love just IS.

See your brother as one whom Heaven cherishes, the angels love and God created perfect. This is his reality. And in Christ’s vision his loveliness is reflected in a form so holy and so beautiful that you almost want to kneel at your brother’s feet. What you see will sing to you of ancient melodies you will remember. When you see your brother as a body, as anything other than as your savior, you are condemning you both to hell. See him instead as one who can forgive you all your sins; and he will suddenly be transformed from the enemy to your savior, from the devil into Christ. Behold your brother with the eyes of Christ; see perfect sinlessness in him and you will see the Christ in yourself.

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