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Miracle Principle 34

Principle 34: Miracles restore the mind to its fullness. By atoning for lack they establish perfect protection. The spirit’s strength leaves no room for intrusions. (T-1.I.34)


Only you can limit your creative power, but God wills to release it. He no more wills you to deprive yourself of your creations than He wills to deprive Himself of His. Do not withhold your gifts to the Sonship, or you are withholding yourself from God! (T-7.IX.1:1-3)

Selfishness is of the ego, but Self-fulness is of spirit because that is how God created it. The Holy Spirit is in the part of the mind that lies between the ego and the spirit, mediating between them always in favor of the spirit. To the ego this is partiality, and it responds as if it were being sided against. To spirit this is truth, because it knows its fullness and cannot conceive of any part from which it is excluded. (T-7.IX.1:4-7)

Spirit knows that the awareness of all its brothers is included in its own, as it is included in God. The power of the whole Sonship and of its Creator is therefore spirit’s own fullness, rendering its creations equally whole and equal in perfection. The ego cannot prevail against a totality that includes God, and any totality must include God. Everything He created is given all His power, because it is part of Him and shares His Being with Him. (T-7.IX.2:1-4) Therefore let us awaken to the truth of who we are NOW, so that all power to create good, all good and only good, will be manifest, and ego will return to nothingness while the Sonship returns to God.

Creating is the opposite of loss, as blessing is the opposite of sacrifice. Being must be extended. That is how it retains the knowledge of itself. Spirit yearns to share its being as its Creator did. Created by God sharing Himself, its inherent will is to create and thus to share. It does not wish to contain God, but wills to share God, to extend His Being. (T-7.IX.2:5-10)

The extension of God’s Being is spirit’s only function. Its fullness cannot be contained, any more than can the fullness of its Creator. Fullness is extension. The ego’s entire thought system blocks extension, and thus blocks your only function. It therefore blocks your joy, so that you perceive yourself as unfulfilled. Unless you create you are unfulfilled, but God does not know unfulfillment and therefore you must create. Feeling unfulfilled in any one area may be an indication that you are spiritually unfulfilled. You may not know your own creations, but this can no more interfere with their reality than your unawareness of your spirit can interfere with its being. What is, is. (T-7.IX.3:1-7)

The Kingdom is forever extending because it is in the Mind of God. You do not know your joy because you do not know your own Self-fullness. When you exclude any part of the Kingdom from yourself, you are not whole. The process of selection and rejection is not welcome in spirit. Thus, in the protection of your wholeness, all are invited and made welcome. (T-7.IX.4:1-3,T-15.VII.14:7)

The full appreciation of the mind’s Self-fullness makes selfishness impossible and extension inevitable. That is why there is perfect peace in the Kingdom. Spirit is fulfilling, and only complete fulfillment is peace. (T-7.IX.4:6-8)

God’s treasure house can never be empty. And if one gift is missing, it would not be full. Yet is its fullness guaranteed by God. (M-6.4:8-10)

The Atonement is a total commitment. You may still think this is associated with loss, a mistake all the separated Sons of God make in one way or another. And it is loss, actually, the loss of error and fear. It is hard to believe a defense that cannot attack is the best defense. This is what is meant by “the meek shall inherit the earth.” They will literally take it over because of their strength. (T-2.II.7:1-5) Without error and fear, you are strong.

A two-way defense is inherently weak precisely because it has two edges, and it can be turned against you very unexpectedly. This possibility cannot be controlled except by miracles. The miracle turns the defense of Atonement to your real protection, and as you become more and more secure as you release error and fear, you assume your natural talent of protecting others, knowing yourself as both a brother and a Son. (T-2.II.7:6-8)

To teach the whole Sonship without exception demonstrates that you perceive its wholeness and have learned that it is one. Now you must be vigilant to hold its oneness in your mind because, if you let doubt enter, you will lose awareness of its wholeness and will be unable to teach it. The wholeness of the Kingdom does not depend on your perception, but your awareness of its wholeness does. It is only your awareness that needs protection, since being cannot be assailed. Yet a real sense of being cannot be yours while you are doubtful of what you are. This is why vigilance is essential. Doubts about being must not enter your mind, or you cannot know what you are with certainty. Certainty is of God for you. Vigilance is not necessary for truth, but it is quite necessary against illusions. Your vigilance is the sign that you want Him to guide you. Vigilance does require effort, but only until you learn that effort itself is unnecessary. (T-6.V.8:1-9,10:3-4)

Truth is without illusions and therefore within the Kingdom. Everything outside the Kingdom is illusion. (T-6.V.9:1-2)

Do you really believe that you can kill the Son of God? God’s Son is as safe as is his Father, for the Son knows his Father’s protection and cannot fear. (T-12.VIII.1:1,2:1) 

Spiritual vision literally cannot see error and merely looks for Atonement. All solutions the physical eye seeks dissolve. Spiritual vision looks within and recognizes immediately that the altar has been defiled and needs to be repaired and protected. Perfectly aware of the right defense it passes over all others, looking past error to truth. Because of the strength of its vision, it brings the mind into its service. This re-establishes the power of the mind and makes it increasingly unable to tolerate delay, realizing that it only adds unnecessary pain. As a result, the mind becomes increasingly sensitive to what it would once have regarded as very minor intrusions of discomfort. (T-2.III.4:1-7)

You cannot understand yourself alone because you have no meaning apart from your rightful place in the Sonship, which is in God. This is your life, your eternity and your Self. It is this vision of you that the Holy Spirit sees. This vision frightens the ego because it is so calm. Peace is the ego’s greatest enemy because, according to its interpretation of reality, war is the guarantee of the ego’s survival. The ego appears strong in strife and if you believe there is strife you will react viciously, because the idea of danger has entered your mind and the ideas of strife and danger appeal to the ego. Yet the Holy Spirit is as vigilant as the ego to the call of danger. The Holy Spirit opposes danger with His strength just as the ego welcomes it in weakness. The Holy Spirit counters the ego’s welcome of war by welcoming peace. So, look to the Holy Spirit for your survival of war through peace. (T-5.III.8:1-13)

Do you know the Will of God for you? Ask it of Jesus who knows it for you. He will deny you nothing, as God denies him nothing. Ours is simply the journey back to God Who is our home. Whenever fear intrudes anywhere along the road to peace, it is because the ego has attempted to join the journey with you; yet it cannot do so. Sensing defeat and angered by it, the ego regards itself as rejected and becomes retaliative. You are invulnerable to its retaliation because Jesus is with you. On this journey you have chosen Jesus as your companion instead of the ego. Do not attempt to hold on to both, or you will be trying to go in different directions and will lose the way to the light of peace. (T-8.V.5:1-9)

How beautiful indeed are the Thoughts of God who live in His light! Know yourself in the One Light where the miracle that is you is perfectly clear. (S-3.IV.10:7) Who is your creator? Who is your Father? GOD IS.

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