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                                                                                     The Song of Prayer

                                                                                          Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing


1. Prayer has both aids and WITNESSES which take the steep ascent up the ladder of prayer more gently and more surely, easing the pain of fear and offering comfort and the promises of hope. 

2. Healing is both forgiveness’s witness AND an aid to prayer, and gives assurance of success in ultimate attainment of the goal – union with the Father.

3. The importance of healing should not be too strongly emphasized, however, for healing is a sign or symbol of forgiveness’s strength, and only an EFFECT or shadow of a change of mind about the goal of prayer. Emphasis should be on the goal, therefore, not the means or the symbols that tell us the goal is closer to being reached by the signs of healing. The signs and symbols are to be accorded lessor importance than the goal itself, which I reiterate is – union with the Father.

4. Of course, it would be useless to tell anyone not to be happy about the healing of the body. But just remember that it is a symbol, albeit a good one, that union with the Father is closer now. Happy Healing! Amen.





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