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The Song of Prayer

Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing

Prayer: Introduction

1. Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation.  Prayer was then what it is to become; the single voice that the Creator and creation share.  That single voice will be God's Voice.  When time is done the Love that the Father and the Son share is what all prayer will be throughout eternity, just as it was before time seemed to be.

2.  So Love shared, then, is what prayer will be when time is done.  But to you who are in time a little while, prayer will take the form that will best suit your need.  Yet you have but one need: to recognize your oneness with the Father and with each other, known as your brothers, and this will bring rejoicing that what illusion seemed to separate in the dream, is really one forever in the Mind of God.  Prayer, as you will learn from this reading, will be the means by which you leave separate goals and separate interests, and turn in holy gladness to the truth of union in your Father and yourself.  This will be your one goal now: to remember the Father.

3.  You will be asked to lay down your dreams and to rise up as God created you, to dispense with idols (all distractions and "outside" interests) and instead to remember Him, and Who You are in Him.  Prayer will sustain you now, and bless you as you rise higher, and ever higher, blessing you as you lift your heart to Him until both high and low have disappeared.  The lines of demarcation between you and God, and you and your brothers, will fade and grow dim and finally disappear with true prayer.

4.  Faith in your goal of remembering God will grow and hold you up as you ascend the shining stairway to the lawns of Heaven and the gate of peace.  For this is prayer, and here is where salvation is.  This is A Better Way.  It is God's gift to you.  Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation.  Amen

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