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Questions and Answers: Extension 1

Question: Rev Lori, when you walk into a safe house, you are warmly greeted. You feel you are part of the whole. “Yes, this is the place,” someone smiles at the door. “Welcome.” I read your email carefully and I agree with you that I am looking for the Holy Spirit. I also see the text about you and I believe that as a Professional Advisor and Orator, you said "Welcome" to me. You carry a passion to see people know their true identity in Christ Jesus and to advance the Kingdom of Heaven on earth! God took pity on me according to my natural development and according to my current life conditions, even the expertise and experience I got abroad in connection with Americans and Canadians. I would like to follow a program in this way. You said, "If I can be of help to you in your endeavor, I hope you will contact me again, and thank you very much for writing." I need help. Warmly, (Submitted by E.D. on January 2, 2021, slightly adapted.)

Answer: Welcome, N.D., My suggestion to you is to read, understand and follow the website ( contents, beginning at the beginning in order to have a thorough understanding of the path upon which you are embarking, the path to True Vision (instead of worldly "sight"). And then continuing with the Workbook Lessons, reading and understanding them in order as they appear. My help will be to answer any questions you may have during your studies and to be here for you as an understanding partner. To continue with understanding is productive. I also suggest staying in constant touch with the Holy Spirit, as He knows you and your "needs" perfectly! You do this simply by inviting Him into your life. Jesus will bring him down to you as the Course promises. Then together, you, the Holy Spirit, Jesus and I, will begin. Are you ready, then, to begin? If so, be prepared for the most credible experience you will ever have, the experience of Understanding, of Appreciation, of Peace, and of Love. The experience of God. You do not have to go anywhere to have this experience as you will only be understanding what is already yours. Nor will you be understanding it alone, as it is all accomplished through the Mind with Holy Guidance! Know, too, that God does not take "pity" on any of his children. Why have "pity" on anyone whom He creates perfect, as you are? He LOVES you, and that is far-reaching from "pity." True Empathy (explained in the Course) is probably closer to what you are thinking. You shall learn this and many ideas in beginning this Course with Joy. So, enjoy, and know that I am here to help you, if you choose to receive my help. The Course says "as you give, you receive" and "as you teach, you learn," so I will enjoy having this experience with you every bit as much as you will. NO THING will ever bring me greater joy than sharing God with my brothers! Reverend Lori

Question: Reverend Lori, it seems to me that I have learned all kinds of subjects and have some competencies and potentialities, but I feel I am missing something in me which I am not able to find in my vision. Truly and honestly, I am thinking about "Spiritual Enlightenment." (Submitted by E.D. on December 25, 2020, adapted to fit the space)

Answer: It may be interesting for you to see if your "revolutionary ideas" coincide with the information in the Course. I have found the Course to be full of uplifting ideas and thus life changing, which it appears that you are also seeking and have found to a great extent. The Course teaches us how to choose the Holy Spirit to "take charge" of our lives here on earth to help us grow steadily toward the Light of God, as the Holy Spirit knows you better than you know yourself and He loves you dearly and is designated by God to lead you Home. Allow Him to be the context of your experiences on earth. He IS the right Answer you seek, and He can be reached without analytics and logic. (T-8.IX.1:1-2) In fact, analyzing, figuring, using logic -- all will lead you off your path instead of toward it . (T-9.V.6:3) I tell you this one thing sincerely, if you want to KNOW your Self, KNOW the Holy Spirit ~ with all thy mind and heart. He leads you away from error, and you say you dislike error also. Being a leader WITH the Holy Spirit to help you will prove you to be a powerfully helpful inspirational leader. If you want to be truly helpful, read the Enlightenment page of the website. It will give you some insight as to how to proceed.

Unlike your perception of your patience, however, the Holy Spirit DOES have unlimited patience for error as many errors are made in this world, many (even) in the name of Jesus Christ. It may save you a lot of time if you give the memory of your experiences and all errors to the Holy Spirit for elucidation rather than reviewing them constantly. "Time can waste and time can be wasted." In the interest of rising above challenges, then, the Holy Spirit can be of great help to you in helping you to realize the Peace and Freedom which are already yours! And you are right about all things when you say there is good in them as "all things work for good for those who love God" (T-4.V.1:1), including the unexpected absence of loved ones. Your message is inspiring and I will you well on the path you have chosen. I only suggest that you invite the Holy Spirit to join you. In His infinite patience He is waiting for you to discover Him. If I can be of help to you in your endeavor, I hope you will contact me again, and thank you very much for writing. Be sure to keep your light shining as it is very bright and the world needs it to SEE THE TRUTH THAT WILL SET IT (AND YOU) FREE.

Question: I was thinking today about how much we affect each other by our attitudes, our words, and our actions. I was wondering if there is enough joy coming my way to make up for all the joy I have not had all these years, because I have been with many trying or troubled or grumpy or greedy or somehow downtrodden and dysfunctional people, and I allowed it to separate me from my joy? (Submitted by Lynne R. on August 25, 2016)

Answer: The people we are around, and the thoughts we allow into our minds -- all may have a HUGE effect on our happiness. We must therefore make a change. We must not allow those around us to choose misery. We must choose happiness for them. We must follow the Holy Spirit as He guides us to make a positive difference in the minds of those who come into our lives. And as we do, our own minds will respond in kind -- and in kindness. Let that thought become a prayer.

One moment of true joy will make up for a lifetime of misery for you and your brothers. Remember, the holiest place on earth is where two people have forgiven each other.

Prayer: Bless us all, Father, as we rise above all the lower thoughts of disharmony into the higher thought levels of harmony, as we remember our goals and disallow distractions and discordance, and as we reach to our inner core of light and love and share THAT with everyone. Regardless of what others bring to us, we can bring Your Love to them -- and with Your Help and Helpers, we will to do this, until we all are Home. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Question: What is a miracle and why are miracles important?

Answer: According to A Course in Miracles, "A miracle is a correction entered into false thinking" by Jesus. "It acts as a catalyst, breaking up erroneous perception and reorganizing it properly." Correcting false perception is very important in this world. When perception is false, so are all the premises built on that falsity. A false perception will lead to another false perception, and another. A man who builds his "house" upon sand, builds an unstable house. The first step toward freedom, then, involves a sorting of the false from the true. "Truth will correct all errors in my mind." Begin with the truth, continue with the truth, and extend the truth by demonstrating it and sharing it. If there is only truth, you will see only freedom in perfection. Then you will recognize the validity of the statement: "The Truth will set you free."

References: ACIM: Miracle Principle 37 (T-I.1:37); ACIM: T-2,VIII,4:1; ACIM: W-107.h.; ACIM: T-3.II.3:5.

Lamsa Bible: Matthew 7:24-27, Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders.

Question: What is the "the Truth that will set you free"?

Answer 1: "I am as God created me."

"Let us declare this truth as often as we can. This is the Word of God that sets you free. This is the key that opens up the gate of Heaven, and that lets you enter in the peace of God and His eternity."

References: ACIM: Workbook 110.11:4-7.

ACIM: Workbook 191.all. "I am the holy Son of God Himself."

Answer 2: "My Son is pure and holy as Myself."

"Because your Creator creates only like Himself, you are like Him." God and His Son are One. All of God's children are His One Son, collectively called "The Sonship." Nothing can prevail against a Son of God who commends his spirit into the Hands of his Father. When the Will of the Sonship and the Father are one, their perfect accord is Heaven. Once this Truth is awakened in your mind, is accepted and becomes manifest, you will indeed know freedom. Then you will use the power of which you have been unaware for so long.

References: ACIM: W-pII.276.1:2; ACIM: T-8.II.7:6; ACIM: T-1.I.19:2; ACIM: T-3.II.5:1; ACIM: T-3.II.4:6

Question: Are hell and satan and sin and the devil real? (Submitted by Lynne R. on January 1, 2016)

Answer: God is the idea of love. The ego is the idea of fear. Hell and satan and sin and devil are ideas made up by the ego to counteract the idea of God. They are not real. Only love is real.

Perfect love casts out fear.

If fear exists,

Then there is not perfect love.


Only perfect love exists.

If there is fear,

It produces a state that does not exist.


Question: I need your help. What I am asking for is PRAYER. I don't know how to pray for my son. I feel so emotionally tied to him, and I cannot get those emotions out of the way. (Submitted by Lois S. on July 8, 2008)

Answer: Emotional ties to a son can be very strong. However, there is One Who DOES know how to pray for him. And that One is the Holy Spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers, and even to extend a prayer for you. He will pray a perfect prayer, and then answer it Himself. How blessed your son is to have you for his loving mother.

Answer to Prayer: I am excited to tell you that Holy Spirit has come through once again. Our prayer for my son was answered! He just called to tell me the good news. I told him he had a lot of prayer going for him. He is very grateful and so am I. Together we are truly Miracle Workers! (Submitted by Lois S)

Response: I expected immediate results, and this is PERFECT. I am so happy and I know you must be, too. Prayers of assured faith are very powerful. We prayed but did not interfere. We rested on the truth and confidence that God is more powerful than anything in the world. Beautiful! Your joy must be unbounded. I am so happy things came together for your son so timely.  

(More Q & A Coming Soon)

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