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Your Father needs you and will call to you until you come to Him in peace at last. 

 (ACIM: The Song of Prayer-3.IV.10:7)


Prayer, Forgiveness, Healing

An Extension of the Principles of A Course in Miracles


Purportedly scribed by Helen Schucman in the same manner as A Course in Miracles, this twenty-two page pamphlet discusses forgiveness and healing in the context of prayer, contrasting the meaning of true prayer, forgiveness and healing with their opposites. The process of prayer is described in the pamphlet as “growth in forgiveness,” with healing seen as the effect of the mind’s undoing of the belief in separation. This “ladder of prayer” is summarized in the pamphlet this way: “You first forgive, then pray, and you are healed. Your prayer has risen up and called to God, Who hears and answers. You have understood that you forgive and pray but for yourself. And in this understanding you are healed. In prayer you have united with your Source, and have understood that you have never left.”

So shall we join together, you and I, to learn A Better Way to pray, forgive and heal, using the following pages to do so?


Prayer: Introduction

   I. True Prayer

II. The Ladder of Prayer 

 III. Praying for Others 

IV. Praying with Others

V. The Ladder Ends


Forgiveness: Introduction

 I. Forgiveness of Yourself 

 II. Forgiveness-to-Destroy

     III. Forgiveness-for-Salvation  

Healing: Introduction

 I. The Cause of Sickness

 II. False vs. True Healing

III. Separation vs. Union

IV. The Holiness of Healing

Suggestion for Practice



So now return your holy voice to God. The song of prayer is silent without you. The universe is waiting your release because it is its own. Be kind to it and to yourself, and then be kind to Jesus, who asks but this: that you be comforted and live no more in terror and in pain. Do not abandon Love. Remember this: whatever you may think about yourself, whatever you may think about the world, your Father needs you and will call to you until you come to Him in peace at last. Amen                                                                                                                                                                                       

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