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Workbook Review Lessons 358-365

Lesson 358: No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered. And of this I can be sure; His answer is the one I really want.

Do you notice that two of the three requisites for receiving an answer from God are guaranteed here? God will hear your call (1), and He will answer it (2). The third requisite to receiving an answer from God is for you to HEAR IT. And what better way to hear the Voice for God than to be still and quiet, alert and vigilant for His Voice? Allow your mind to be still an instant, opening your mind for God’s Voice. Allow Him to delight you with His Voice and His Love. We learn from the course that the last lesson Jesus learned was to listen ONLY to the Voice for God.

Now that you know how to hear God’s Voice, what call shall you make to Him? What do you want God to tell you or show you or share with you or offer you? Would you go to God with your “little goals and vain desires”? Of course, you would. Would you go to God with your “higher goals and higher, more pertinent questions”? Certainly, you would. Is there anything that would be greatly beneficial for you to go to God about? Yes, indeed there is. You can go to God and ask Him what He would have you know, and what He would have you do. You can go to God to remember all you do not remember, all the love, joy and peace you have forgotten. Above all, you can ask God to reveal Himself. And of this you can be sure: He will answer you perfectly.

Let God and His Voice be your Source for everything, without exception. Let Him be your “go-to God.” Leave nothing in your mind that will block your peace or your remembrance of Him, of your Self, or of your home in Heaven. Remember this: you have forgotten who you are, and therefore do not even know what you want. Yet God remembers His Son, and He does know what he wants. And all you want is what He offers you, in just the form He chooses it to be yours. So go to him for all things. His Voice speaks for you and for God. His Voice is your guide to the light that will shine your way home.

Lesson 359: God’s answer is some form of peace. All pain is healed; all misery replaced with joy. All prison doors are opened. And all sin is understood as merely a mistake.

What you see is a “shadow world,” and it is not real. None of the pain, that so many of His Sons appear to be experiencing, is real. Misery in any form is of the imagination, and it is not real. Sin is termed in the course as “a mistake” and mistakes are merely to be corrected to return your mind to the path to God. This is what the miracle accomplishes. Forgiveness brings the light, and miracles are seen in light. Shadows disappear in light. Mistakes are corrected and you learn that they have no real effect on you. Imagined mistakes have imagined results – not lasting ones at all. They disappear when the light of truth shines upon them, as they are part of the “shadow world.”

You have misunderstood many things, but it is not too late to begin understanding, appreciating and loving the clarity of truth. The prison doors are open. Walk into the sunlight; drop the chains that bind you; enjoy your freedom and smile. ☺

Lesson 360: Peace be to me, the holy Son of God. Peace to my brother, who is one with me. Let all the world be blessed with peace through us.

This is a way of saying what the course is all about. Find the certainty of peace within yourself (basis); share it with your brother (confirmation); and together share it with all the world (extension). Say “Peace be to me, and peace to all the world.” Remember that God’s Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation. In holiness were you created, and in holiness do you remain. Amen.

FINAL LESSONS, Introduction: The final lessons will be as free of words as possible. Begin the lessons with them to remind you to go beyond them. Turn to Him Who has guided you through this past year of the Workbook Review, and let Him continue to lead the way and to make your footsteps sure. Give the last few days of this year into His charge, continuing with Him in charge through time to eternity. Never return again to the belief in sin, or suffering, or any mindless activities of the ego. Stay instead in your right mind, which will lead you to the One Mind that is God.

Follow in the way that truth points out to you, always remembering to look to the light, always remembering who you are and Who walks with you. Thus, you cannot lose the way. And be the leaders of your many brothers who also have sought the way, but who have not found it as you have done. Graciously guide them to the light with you. You will know who these brothers are, as they will be shown to you. Your forgiven brother is the way, the truth and the life that shows the way to you. As you perceive them, so will you perceive yourself. So see them truly in light.

To this purpose dedicate your mind, directing all your thoughts to serve the function of salvation, of finding your way to God, taking your brothers with you. No better purpose can be served by you than to forgive the world. It is the goal God has given you, and as you do so, your memory of Him will return. It is your function to remember Him on earth, and to be His Own completion in reality.

You are restored to sanity now. You understand that anger is insane, attack is mad, and vengeance is merely foolish fantasy. You have been saved from wrath by understanding that you have been mistaken; nothing more than that. So come to God in honesty and say “I did not understand,” and ask Him to help you learn His lessons, through the Voice of His Own Teacher – and He will say:

“This is My Son, and all I have is his.”


Lessons 361-365: This holy instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace.

Now, set your past beliefs aside and give this practice period to Him, so it may become a holy instant. Place Him in full charge, holding nothing back. Let not even one corner of your mind remain in the darkness. Open completely to Him. Rest in His Love. Experience the freedom and the peace. Know that you are safe with Him. Let Him lead you in the way of love – to completion.

EPILOGUE: This course is a beginning, not an end. Your Friend will go with you now, and you will never be alone. If you call on Him, He will answer. Whatever may trouble you, be certain that He has the answer and will gladly give it to you – just be sure to listen, hear it, and follow it. He knows the way to solve ALL problems that trouble you, and He can resolve ALL your doubts, exchanging them for certainty. His certainty is yours; you need but ask Him, and it will be given you.

It is not possible to change the course of those whom God has called to Him, and He has called YOU. Therefore, allow Him to speak of what you really want and need. He will speak to you of freedom and of truth, of happiness beyond your highest expectations, and love that goes beyond all thought, beyond all words. Henceforth, hear but His Voice, letting Him direct your efforts, telling you exactly where to go, what to do, how to direct your mind, and when to come to Him in silence, asking for His sure direction and His certain Word. The Word is your own. You will be told exactly what God wills for you each time there is a choice to make. Each choice you make with Him will bring Heaven nearer to your reach. God’s angels hover near. His Love surrounds you, and of this be sure; that He will never leave you comfortless. So walk with Him in Joy now, and be true to your Self. AMEN

(Conclusion of Workbook Review Lessons -- Thank you for joining with us in this study.)

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