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Miracle Sharing

One morning around 3:00, as I was sitting alone in a quiet room, I became aware of a bright light filling my mind, and apparently the entire room. Knowing it was a healing experience, I sat quietly while it was happening. Then, when the light began to recede, I heard a firm, clear Voice say: "There will be no separation." Now I say the same words often, to remind me that it is true -- for me and for you. (Submitted by Reverend Lori)

I was in a group of people, watching a man jump around in his seat rather spasmodically and uncontrollably. He said he was affected by Agent Orange in the war and now his brain did not produce enough dopamine, that he had been constantly spasmodic day and night for 12 years! I asked if I might speak to the spirit in him and ask for help. He asked if I was "one of those faith healers or something." I replied, no, but I had been reading a book on healing. He gave me permission to speak to his spirit and I asked him if he would produce more dopamine in this man's brain so he could quit his spasms. Instantly the spasms ceased and appeared no more during the evening. Six months later he was seen by a co-worker and his spasms had not returned. Apparently, he was ready for a miracle! (Submitted June 23, 2017 by Lynne R.)

I was entering a hospital today. A lady had opened the door and held it for a person to walk through before her. As sometimes happens, several doctors and patients silently walked through while she held the door. When it was my turn, I went through the door and smilingly said "thank you" to her. She replied so sweetly that I was happy I had that "holy encounter." When I related the incident to a friend she thoughtfully said that "where others may have seen their own agenda, you took time to see the LIGHT in your brother." (Submitted April 13, 2015 by Jeff V.)

Sometimes when I watch the game "Jeopardy" on television, even though I know the correct response it will not come to mind. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me discern the cause. I watched Doc Martin on PBS this evening and saw a woman in a nursing home whose mind was sharp in the morning and dull later in the day. Doc Martin discovered that she drank water only in the morning. Once she began drinking water throughout the day, her mind capabilities were intact all through the day and evening. I tried it and it worked for me, too! What an enjoyable and effective way to show me! Thank you, Holy Spirit! (Submitted April 11, 2015, by Lynne R.)

(More miracle sharing to come . . .)

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