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I Need Do Nothing

(Written in 2003)

Sometimes things just do not appear to be right,

and it seems as if they never will.

And sometimes things for us appear to be so right,

it is almost impossible to conceive of them being wrong. 

When everything is going right, it is sometimes called "being in the zone." The ups and downs are sometimes referred to as the ebb and flow of life, or the cycle of life. But there is a way of living that ends the cycling, the ebb and flow. That way is called forgiveness, looking beyond what you see to WHAT IS. In truth – light is, truth is, love is, GOD IS!

So how do we get from here to there? The means is the Holy Spirit. He will get us from point A – adversity, to point B – being.

The Holy Spirit will show us what is real and what is not, and how to make the wisest choice when there appears to be a choice to be made. He will calm the sea and the wind, and still the storms of our lives, and straighten our path and our mind. He will cause the sun to brighten our day and the breeze to cool it. He will ease us to sleep at night, and waken us to Joy in the morning. And He will answer all our questions simply and clearly, so we can understand. He will clear our mind of all darkness and doubt and unforgiveness, and bring our hearts and minds back to the purity of our creation as He embraces us with eternal light and love.

The Holy Spirit can do all this and more. In fact, He promised God He will bring us home – and He keeps His promises.

We can but aim to keep ours, and will succeed to the extent that we trust in Him to help us – to help us know which promises to make and then help us to keep them.

He will help us forgive each other and love each other. He will help us honor and respect each other, no matter the appearance of our brother or his actions, or the situation in which we encounter each other. NOTHING is beyond Him, therefore nothing is beyond us. Whatever the problem, He is the solution. Whatever the solution, He is the One Who will effect it. Our job is just to choose Him and then to step back and continue to listen for instruction while not interfering. Can anything be simpler? Can anything be less work?

And yet, we often appear to have a difficult time doing that.


Perhaps it is because we are not thinking clearly, or because we are clearly not thinking. And perhaps it is because we are in the habit of relying on ourselves, of being independent and strong – or so we think.

Could it be that our real strength lies in trusting in the Holy Spirit and NOT in ourselves? Could it be that stepping back is the Way to Move Forward? We can give it a go and SEE if that is true.

Let us do that. Let us choose the Holy Spirit, trust in Him, and step back so He can lift us up and out of this world through miracles, into light, joy and peace that surpasses our finite understanding, into the real world called Heaven, where the Love of GOD IS.


Father, we are Your Sons, Your loving creation, and we would come home now. Amen.

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