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Workbook Review Lessons 211-217

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.

Lesson 211: Review of Lesson 191

(191) I am the holy Son of God Himself. You are not who you think you are; you are not your body, your words, your actions, or your ego. You use the body for the purposes of the Holy Spirit, but your holy Self is the Son whom God created. The Christ in you, the light, is who you are. You are a Thought of God -- Spirit in the state of God’s grace forever. You are the holy Son of God Himself.

You appear to have temporarily forgotten who you are, to have fallen asleep and dreamed you are someone or something other than God’s Loving Creation; but you are still God’s Son, and none other. When you deny your Identity as the Son of God, you perceive yourself as a foolish and ridiculous parody of creation, one who sees fear, is blind and insane. This is the reason that you see chaos, frailty and uncertainty. Or conversely, you may see yourself as a grandiose version of God’s Son. Either untrue version of who you are can cause you to fall flat on your face. Yet this is just a game you play in which Identity can be denied. God and His Love are not playing hide and seek with you; you are playing with Him. You still are as God created you. All else but this one idea is folly to believe.

Sinlessness is forever part of everything, the central core of existence and a guarantee of immortality. One holy thought like this and you are free. Accept your true Identity as the Son of God, and all illusions are gone. You will no longer see a devastating image of yourself walking the world in terror with your mind twisting in the agony of indecision and wrong decision. Just remember who you are and rise far above the world, and far above all the worldly thoughts that hold it prisoner and you a prisoner within it. This rising to happiness will change your entire perspective of the world. You will now be looking at it clearly from above, and will not be immersed in it or blinded by it. Say this:

I am the holy Son of God Himself. I cannot suffer, cannot be in pain;

I cannot suffer loss, nor fail to do all that salvation asks.


In that thought is everything you look on wholly changed. Now there is nothing that you cannot do!

Lesson 212: Review of Lesson 192

(192) I have a function God would have me fill. Creation cannot even be conceived of in the world where it has no meaning. Forgiveness is the closest it can come to earth; forgiving and being happy are the closest you can come to waking here. Look gently with forgiveness upon all things unknown in Heaven and watch them disappear, leaving the world a clean and unmarked slate on which the Word of God can be written. Forgiveness is the means by which the fear of death is overcome, because you can see the light beyond the body and understand that the body is not real, thus it cannot “die.” As you teach you learn, so regard the body simply as a teaching aid to lay aside when learning is complete and it is no longer needed. It will hardly change him who learns at all. Until then, disregard the body and let the mind return home as often and as completely as you can. Using the mind in the world, to deal with all things worldly, is a strain at best. Be merciful today and let it rest..

Lesson 213: Review of Lesson 193

(193) All things are lessens God would have me learn. God does not know of learning; He is omniscient and knows all. Yet His Will extends to what He does not understand, in that He wills the happiness His Son inherited of Him be undisturbed, eternal and forever gaining scope, eternally expanding in the joy of full creation, and eternally open and wholly limitless in Him. That is His Will. If this is not your experience, know that His Will provides the means to guarantee that it is done.

God also does not know of contradictions because nothing can contradict the truth -- yet His Son believes he sees them. Thankfully, there is One Who can correct your erring sight by means which make perception true and beautiful enough to let the light of Heaven shine upon it. Seen without Him, the darkness seems perpetual and impossible to penetrate. Yet the form underneath all contradictions and distress and darkness is but unforgiveness, as He will show you. This sameness makes the correction of each one so obvious, easy and sure, that you will readily accept it. Say this:

Forgive, and you will see this differently.


Forgive and you will see the world, all situations, all things, you and all of your brothers differently. To every apprehension, every care and form of suffering, repeat these words. All the contradictions will disappear and only the truth will remain, only the love will be evident. You do not remember who you are – forgive and you will remember. All things you see and experience which are not loving, lovable, and lovely, include a lesson in love. Forgive and you will see it and learn it. If you are experiencing pain in any perception, it is clear that it is not real as pain is not of God. Have mercy upon yourself and learn the lessons in forgiveness quickly. Then pain will disappear and only love and peace will remain in your heart. Forgiveness is the key that opens Heaven’s gate. Use it faithfully.

Lesson 214: Review of Lesson 194

(194) I place the future in the Hands of God. God holds your past and present. They are one to Him, and so they should be one to you. Yet in this world, the temporal progression still seems real. You are not being asked to understand the lack of sequence really found in time. You are but asked to let the future go, and place it in God’s hands. This is a giant stride toward “quick salvation.”

Placing the future in the Hands of God is not death, nor will you disappear, nor will the world as you see it disappear. But the world will be brighter, less cumbersome, and freer. It will be gentler and more loving and appreciative of you; worry and guilt will disappear and peace and calm will take their place. Let His Thoughts of Love replace all your thoughts of anxiety, worry and pain. Rejoice that all turmoil is easily gone, and comfort and security are here at last. Now you are saved indeed. Your future is secure in the Hands of God. Now you may smile and relax again, for you are blessed indeed.

Lesson 215: Review of Lesson 195

(195) Love is the way I walk in gratitude. Is your brother your enemy because he disturbs your peace? Is that a cause for consternation, criticism and anger? Are you happy and grateful because you suffer less than another? Are you enraged because another seems freer than you, or happier than you, or richer than you? Or ____________ than you?

Love makes no comparisons! And gratitude can only be sincere if it be joined to love. They go hand in hand. You cannot be grateful in truth, if you are attempting to couple it with condemnation or comparison. Therefore, give thanks truly and sincerely. Be thankful that you are not separate from your brothers, or from any living thing; therefore you are one with Him and with your brothers. If separation were true in any form, it would be true overall, for there are no exceptions to truth.

Walk, then, in gratitude the way of love. For hatred, judgments, contradictions and comparisons, condemnations and criticisms are all obstacles to peace. Forgive completely. See that everything and everyone has the right to love just by being created in Love – even as your Self – and the fear of God will finally be undone, replaced at last by Love. Thus you walk to God, hand in hand in gratitude with your brothers. You cannot go alone, because you are never alone. You are one with all creation. That is the way God Created – in Love, as One. You cannot change it, nor do you want to.

Lesson 216: Review of Lesson 196.

(196) It can be but myself I crucify. If you really understood this, the world would be such a peaceful place – even if no one understood it but you. No one would attack you, shun you, nor attempt to harm you in any way. Why? Because you would not do this to another, nor even think of doing it; therefore, the door would not be open for anyone to do this to you. As you give you receive, remember? The rights you establish for your brother, then, are those you establish for yourself.

Change your mind about how you treat your brothers, and watch the change in the way they now treat you. You will not fear anyone anymore, not even yourself, nor even God. And when the fear of God is gone, there are no obstacles that still remain between you and the holy peace of God. Because there is no fear when your mind is filled only with His Love. Where there is only love there is only happiness. Where there is only happiness there is no crucifixion, only resurrection, only God.

Lesson 217: Review of Lesson 197

(197) It can be but my gratitude I earn. If you are not loving, you are crucifying – yourself. Therefore when you are loving, you are grateful – to yourself. For who could be more grateful that you have chosen the Path of Love than YOU! Having chosen that path you will no longer crucify, and no longer be crucified. You will love, and only love – everyone and every living thing without exception. And, of course, where there is no exception to love, there is only love for the Son of God to experience and to share and for which to be grateful.

Thanks be to you, the holy Son of God. For as you were created, you contain all things within your Self. And you are still as God created you. Nor can you dim the light of your perfection. Nothing you do or say will change the truth of who you are, now or forever. In your heart the Heart of God is laid. He holds you dear, because you are Himself. You complete Him. All gratitude belongs to you because of what you are. And never think that He has ever ceased to offer thanks to you. You are His Son, as pure and holy as Himself. And God Loves His Son! Gratefully, God IS Love.

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