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Clarification of Terms -- The Ego - The Miracle (recap)

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  • The ego is a dream that you are apart from your Creator, with a wish to be other than you were created. It is a dream of madness from which the Son of God MUST awaken to KNOW LOVE.

  • The ego is an ancient thought that what is made has immortality. You have only to look around you at the devastation and deterioration of things made, to see that this is not so. Immortality is only found in creation. Only that which is created lives eternally.

  • There is strain and stress, sadness and anxiety in the world of ego, because the world of form is not your natural environment. Neither the world (directed by ego), nor the real world (guided by the Holy Spirit) is real. Only Heaven is the truth.

  • The ego is nothingness in a form that seems like something; thus it was given a name. Its name will disappear, along with all the illusions that were made in its name, in the ego's demise. Your name is the same as God's, for you are one with Him.

  • The ego is a lie. There is no definition of a lie that serves to make it true. Nor can there be a truth that lies can effectively conceal. Thus the ego is ineffective in its goal to deceive the Son of God.

  • The ego's opposite in every way -- in origin, effect and consequence -- we call a miracle. The ego is a misperceived idea; the miracle is a correction of that misperception.

  • The miracle is the light; the ego is the darkness. The ego is evil; the miracle leads us to holiness.

  • What is a miracle? It, too, is a dream. But this dream leads you to a kindly world of gentleness. And the helpers all along the way you travel are happy in the certainty of Heaven and the surety of peace.

  • Look for an instant at what you left behind when you accepted the miracle, when you accepted the correction of the ego's misperceptions: its cruel hate, the need for vengeance and the cries of pain, the fear of dying and the urge to kill, the brotherless illusion, the self that seemed alone in all the universe. In exchange, the ego offers you peace, light and love, simplicity, and smiles that have no end. No more stress and strain for the holy Son of God, just holy ease and a welcome home.

  • The miracle forgives; the ego condemns. Our goal is God, not condemnation. The ego is not real, so it CANNOT lead us to God. So be kind to yourself and choose the Holy Spirit and miracles, choose the real world for a little while, accept the state of grace for a little while longer, accept the idea of oneness with creation -- and be you lifted into Heaven where GOD IS.

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