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Principles of Miracles -- Review 21-30

Principles of Miracles

Review of Principles 21-30

Principle 21: Miracles are natural signs of forgiveness. Through miracles you accept God's forgiveness by extending it to others. T-1.I.2

Q: What is the way to God here?

A: Through forgiveness . . . there is no other way. W-256.1:1-2

Q: How do you accept God's forgiveness?

A: Through miracles extended to each other. T-1.I.21

Q: What is the only gift you give and would receive? What is all that need be taught or learned?

A: Forgiveness S-3.II.5:11, P-2.II.3:2

Q: What is the only illusion that does not lead to further illusions?

A: Forgiveness (Do you see a theme here?)

Q: What is an indication that you do not see the truth?

A: Seeing unforgiveness anywhere.

Q: When you forgive a brother, who are you really forgiving/freeing?

A: Yourself W-46.I.1:4

Q: What is specialness?

A: A lack of trust in anyone but yourself. T-24.IV.1:1-2

Q: What is the world's equivalent of Heaven's "justice"?

A: Forgiveness. Justice must be done to all if anyone is to be healed. T-26.IV.1:1, T-25.IX.10:2

Q: Are forgiveness and salvation the same?

A: Yes, forgive what you have made and you are saved. Keep only eternally loving thoughts. W-99.10:6-7, T-17.III

Q: Is the ego real?

A: By steadily and consistently canceling out all its effects, the Holy Spirit shows ego is NOT real. T-9.IV.5:6

Principle 22: Miracles are associated with fear only because of the belief that darkness can hide. You believe that what your physical eyes cannot see does not exist. This leads to a denial of spiritual sight. T-1.I.22

Q: Is there any darkness in the Kingdom?

A: No, your part is only to allow no darkness to abide in your own mind. T-6.II.13:3

Q: What are the two steps in the escape from darkness?

A: First, the recognition that darkness cannot hide. (this step usually entails fear)

Second, the recognition there is nothing you want to hide even if you could. (entails the escape from fear) T-1.IV.1:1-5

Q: Can your spirit be possessed by illusions?

A: No, spirit is eternally free. T-1.IV.2:8

Q: What is darkness?

A: Darkness is lack of light as sin is lack of love. It has no unique properties of its own. T-1.IV.3:1-2

Q: When is the mind invulnerable?

A: The mind that serves spirit is invulnerable. T-1.IV.2:11

Q: Why is the Atonement the only defense that cannot be used destructively?

A: Because it is not a device you made. It can be refused, but cannot be abused. T-2.II.4:1

Q: What is the result of genuine devotion?

A: Inspiration

Q: What is the natural greeting of the truly loved to others who are like them?

A: Honor is. T-3.I.6:3

Q: Why is the Atonement perfectly clear?

A: Because it exists in light. Only attempts to shroud it in darkness have made it inaccessible to those who do not choose to see it. T-3.I.6:6

Q: Why are you afraid to know God's Will?

A: Because you believe it is not you T-11.I.10:3

Q: What is the principle of the Atonement? The purpose?

A: The principle is love and the Atonement is an act of love (acts are only in the illusion). The purpose of the Atonement is to restore everything to your awareness. T-2.II.4:1, T-1.IV.3:6

Q: What is the last "useless journey"?

A: The journey to the cross. Until you join the resurrection, your life is wasted. It re-enacts the separation, the loss of power, the attempts of ego at reparation, and the crucifixion of the body, or "death." These repetitions are endless until they are voluntarily given up.

Principle 23: Miracles are thoughts. Thoughts can represent the lower or bodily level of experience, or the higher or spiritual level of experience. One makes the physical, and the other creates the spiritual. T-1.I.23

Q: How do miracles heal?

A: Miracles transcend the body. They are sudden shifts into invisibility, away from the bodily level. And that is why they heal. You do not heal on the bodily level; the cause (thought in the mind) has to be healed (changed) first, then the effect (the bodily ailment) disappears. T-1.I.17.1-3

Q: What is the real purpose of this world?

A: The real purpose of this world is to use it to correct your unbelief. Belief produces the acceptance of existence. T-1.VI.4:1-6

Q: What is the only lack you need correct?

A: A sense of separation from God. Lack arose from a distorted perception of truth. T-1.VI.2:1-2

Q: Why are all aspects of fear untrue?

A: Because they do not exist at the creative level, and therefore do not exist at all. Perfect love casts out all fear. T-1.VI.5:1-9

Q: What is your only responsibility? What is the "turning point"?

A: To accept the Atonement (undoing of error and fear) for yourself. The turning point is when you recognize that there must be A Better Way and the idea becomes firmly established. T-2.III.3:1

Q: When does the body act wrongly?

A: Only when it is responding to misthought. Only the mind is capable of error. T-2.IV.2:4-5

Q: What can Jesus control? What can he not control?

A: Fear cannot be controlled by Jesus. His control can take over everything that does not matter. "Give all your minutia to (him)." His guidance can direct everything that does matter. T-2.VI.1:1

Q: Are you responsible for what you think? For what you do?

A: You are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think. Change at the symptom level does not work. Change your mind and automatically change your behavior. Think with Jesus. T-2.VI.1:5-6,T-2.VI.3:6

Q: Is the body healed by miracles?

A: Yes, because they show that the mind made sickness, and employed the body to be the victim, or effect, of what it made and it can just as easily "unmake" sickness and the body will then miraculously "heal." OR, easier still, the mind can never conceive of the idea of sickness in the first place . . . Jesus assured you that the Mind that decided for him is also in you; that you can let it change you just as it changed him. By deciding for God, Jesus showed you that this decision can be made, and that you can make it. T-28.II.11:4, T-5.II.10:1

Q: Does rest come from sleeping?

A: Rest comes from waking. The Holy Spirit is the Call to awaken and be glad.

Q: Why is the world tired?

A: Because it is the idea of weariness. Your task is the joyous one of waking the world. When you or they are tempted by the wrong voice, simply call on Jesus to remind you how to heal.

Principle 24: Miracles enable you to heal the sick and raise the dead because you made sickness and death yourself, and can therefore abolish both. You are a miracle, capable of creating in the likeness of your Creator. Everything else is your own nightmare and does not exist. Only the creations of light are real. T-1.I.24

Q: How are healing and Atonement related?

A: They are identical. Atonement is the Word of God. With His Word no sickness is possible. If the body could be sick, Atonement would then be impossible. M-22.1:1-2, M-22.3.all

Q: How does the SOG call forth the miracle of healing?

A: He overlooks the mind and body, seeing only the face of Christ shining in front of him. M-22.4:5

Q: Why does a TOG sometimes fail to heal his brother?

A: Because he has forgotten Who he is. In allowing this to happen, he has identified with another's ego, and has thus confused him with a body. Thus he has refused to accept the Atonement for himself and cannot then offer it to his brother in Christ's name. It is time then, to turn quickly to the Holy Spirit and let yourself be healed. THEN help your brother. M-22.5.all

Q: What does the TOG need to understand if he is to make progress?

A: That forgiveness is healing. It has the power to heal all individuals of all forms of sickness. It is your task as a Miracle Worker to heal the sense of separation that made the sickness. M-22.6:1,4,8

Q: Is healing, then, simple?

A: Yes, Atonement is received and offered and it must just then be accepted. It is in the receiving, then, that healing lies. All else must follow from this single purpose. M-22.6:10-1

Q: How does the TOG accept the Atonement for himself?

A: He withdraws his judgment from the SOG, accepting him as God created him. Forgiveness. Now he can say with God "This is my beloved Son, created perfect and forever so." M-22.7:8,10

Q: What does healing involve?

A: It involves an understanding of what the illusion of sickness is for. It is a misunderstanding of what is real and what is not. Healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer no longer sees value in pain. It is an election, a decision. Sickness is a choice for weakness used as an excuse for not pleasing God. It is a self-punishment for unforgiveness and errors. It is used instead of seeking correction or Atonement for them, or simply realizing the errors are not real. Say "There is no gain at all to me in this," recognize the decision is of the mind, and he is healed. Yet to accept this release, the insignificance of the body must be an acceptable idea. Healing must occur in exact proportion to which the valuelessness of sickness is recognized., M-5.I.all, M-5.II.1, M-5.II.3:12

Q: So who is the physician?

A: Only the mind of the patient himself who rises up and says: "I have no use for this.

Principle 25: Miracles are part of an interlocking chain of forgiveness which, when completed, is the Atonement. Atonement works all the time and in all the dimensions of time. T-1.I.26

Q: Are miracles selective?

A: Only in the sense they are directed towards those who can use them for themselves, extend them to others, and thus weld a strong chain of Atonement. They are not directed according to size or difficulty, but by Jesus who will direct you.

Q: What is the main function of those who feel guilty? How do you free yourself from guilt?

A: Condemnation, linking the future to the past. Atonement stands between them, like a lamp shining so brightly that the chain of darkness and fear in which you bound yourself will disappear and not be passed to others. (The ego rewards fidelity with pain.) T-13.IX.1:2,7, T-13.IX.2:3

Q: What can the world give you?

A: The world is a projection, so it will give you only what you give it. You will accept your treasure, and if you place your faith in the past, the future will be like it. Whatever you hold dear, you think is yours, and it will appear to be yours as long as you value it. To give is to receive. Your faith will be rewarded as you give it; ask the Holy Spirit where to place it. T-13.IX.3:1

Q: What does the present offer you?

A: Your brothers in the light that would unite you with them and free you from the past.

Principle 26: Miracles represent freedom from fear. "Atoning" means "undoing." The undoing of fear is an essential part of the Atonement value of miracles. T-1.I.26

Q: Why or how can you believe what is not true?

A: Belief produces the acceptance of existence, and so you can believe what no one else thinks is true. It is true for you because it was made by you. T-1.VI.4:1-6

Q: How do you reject fear?

A: By choosing the miracle you reject fear, even if only temporarily. Replace it with forgiveness. T-1.IV.4:1, T-1.VII.3:3

Q: Why are you afraid of everyone and everything, including God, Jesus and yourself?

A: Because you are afraid of your own thoughts. T-2.VII.4-7

Q: How, then, do you learn that fear is really nothing and love is everything?

A: Recognize there is a problem and immediate correction is needed. This establishes a state of mind in which the Atonement (undoing of error and fear) can be accepted without delay. T-2.VII.5:8-9

Q: What is the proof that God wills perfect happiness for all who will accept His gifts?

A: YOU are essential to God's plan. Your light increases every light that shines in Heaven; your Joy on earth calls to all minds to let their sorrows go. God's messengers are joyous, and their joy heals sorrow and despair. You are God's messenger of joy today and every day. You bring His peace to everyone who sees His message in your happy face. W-100.4-4

Principle 27: A miracle is a universal blessing from God through me to all my brothers. It is the privilege of the forgiven to forgive. T-1.I.27

Q: What is the body's only true usefulness?

A: You were created to create the good, the beautiful and the holy, to express the love of God through one body to another. You can use your body best to help you enlarge your perception to achieve real vision of which the physical eye is incapable. "We are also free to show each other that we love one another. That is the only message we were trying to send." T-1.VII.2:1-5

Q: How great will your release be when you are willing for correction of ALL your problems?

A: You will not keep one, for pain in any form you will not want. You will see each hurt resolved before the Holy Spirit's gentle sight, forever undone and unremembered; all have been transformed into a universal blessing. You will look away from darkness to your brother. You will never misperceive and always see truly. Sacrifice is gone. The Love of God can be remembered, and will shine away all memory of sacrifice and loss. T-3.II.2:4, T-22.VI.9:10, T-26.II.7:1-7

Q: What is the means of the Atonement?

A: The Holy Spirit is the Communication Link between God's separated Sons.

Q: When you forgive a brother, are you "higher" than he is?

A: No, when you forgive a brother, you are actually forgiving yourself for seeing unforgiveness in your brother in the first place. You are looking past your error.

Q: Can you sacrifice?

A: No. There is no place for sacrifice in what has any value. If the thought occurs, it shows error has been made and correction is needed. W-187.8:1-3

Q: Who can be born again in Christ?

A: Who, but he who has forgiven everyone he sees or thinks of or imagines? Who can be set free while he imprisons anyone? And it is on his freedom that the way to liberty depends for both of them. W-192.8:1-6 Therefore, hold no one prisoner; release instead of bind. Each one who tempts you to be angry represents your savior from the prison house of death as you refuse to be tempted and choose forgiveness instead. So you owe him thanks instead of pain. W-192.9:1-7

Q: What is your function on earth?

A: To forgive your brothers and accept them back as your Identity, thus healing the separation. Christ’s vision is God’s gift to you. W-192.10:6

Principle 28: Miracles are a way of earning release from fear. Revelation induces a state in which fear has already been abolished. Miracles are thus a means and revelation is an end. T-1.I.28

Q: How do we transcend time?

A: The miracle is the only device at your immediate disposal for controlling (abolishing) time. As one error is corrected, thousands of errors are corrected and others not projected. T- 1.I.48.1-2

Q: Do miracles unite you with God?

A: Revelation unites you directly with God. Miracles unite you directly with your brother. Revelation induces only experience. Miracles induce action. T-1.II.1:5-6,1:3-4 Miracles actually do nothing. All they do is undo, canceling interference of unforgiveness, fear, guilt, etc., showing the past is gone and what is truly gone can have no effects. Why would you cling to them through memory if you do not desire their effects? Let guilt, unforgiveness and fear go now. T-28.I.1:1-9, T-28.I.2:1-4

Q: Is memory only of the past?

A: Memory is a skill that can remember now. There is no link of memory to the past, unless you want it there. Give memory to the Holy Spirit for His use as a means to let the past go. Memory does what it is given to do. Give memory the task of helping to free your mind of the unreal past of guilt, and let it remind you of the very real present of love. The exchange is a good one. T-28.I.5

Q: How does a miracle come into the mind?

A: The miracle comes quietly into the mind that stops an instant and is still. Nothing has happened but that you have put yourself to sleep and dreamed a dream in which you were a part of someone else’s dream. The miracle does not awaken you, but merely shows you who the dreamer is. It teaches you that there is a choice of dreams while you are still asleep, depending on the purpose of your dreaming. Do you wish for dreams of healing, or dreams of insanity. The dream is like a memory in that it pictures what you wanted shown to you. T-28.II.4:1-5 The miracle actually does nothing but show you that you have done nothing. You are still as God created you. It is only your support that strengthens illusions and dreams. The end of dreams is the end of fear. Do not be afraid to let your dreams be lit by the light of miracles.

Q: What does salvation do?

A: Salvation is a promise made by God that you will find your way to Him at last. Salvation will proceed to change the course of every step in the descent to separation, until all the steps have been retraced, the ladder is gone, all the dreaming of the world is undone, and only the memory of a present God remains. When your forgiveness is complete you will have total gratitude, for you will see that everything has earned the right to love by being loving, even as your Self. For love can walk no road except the way of gratitude, and thus we walk to where GOD IS. W-195.8:6

Principle 29: Miracles praise God through you. They praise Him by honoring His creations, affirming their perfection. They heal because they deny body-identification and affirm spirit-identification. T-1.I.29

Q: Can you change the ego?

A: You who made the ego cannot trust it, because in your right mind you know it is not real. The only sane solution is not to try to change the ego, but to change your mind about the world of illusion, understanding that it is not real. T-4.I.8:3-4

Q: Are you part of the world?

A: You are not a part of the world. You are a part of reality which stands unchanged beyond the reach of your ego but within easy reach of spirit. When you are afraid, be still and know that God is real, and you are His beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. The ego cannot know what is as far beyond its reach as you are. T-4.I.8:4-6

Q: Can light penetrate through the walls you have made to block it?

A: No, but Jesus can step around them. T-4.III.7:4

Q: What is the only way you can find happiness in this world?

A: You can find happiness by realizing you are not in the world, for the world is unhappy. How else can you find joy in a joyless place except by realizing you are not there? You cannot be anywhere God did not put you, and God created you as part of Him. You cannot change it now or ever. That is a Fact. The Atonement will help you return home to the light where you are truly happy. T-6.II.5:7, T-6.II.6:1-2,8

Q: How do you praise God?

A: God is praised whenever any mind learns to be wholly helpful (and thus wholly harmless). The truly helpful are God’s miracle workers, whom Jesus directs until all are united in the joy of the Kingdom. They are invulnerable because they are not protecting their egos and so nothing can hurt them. Jesus will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful, and to whoever can follow his guidance through you. Share God’s revelations with others through the attitudes that the knowledge from his revelations bring. This is how you praise God. T-4.VII.8.1-5

Q: Is your will the same as that of Jesus, as that of God?

A: YES. If your will were not the same as that of Jesus, it would not be your Father’s will. Jesus will always remember you, and in him lies your remembrance of yourself. In you and in him lies the remembrance of God, and in Him lies your freedom. Offer freedom and be free. T-8.IV.7:5-7

Q: What about blame – can you legitimately blame your brothers?

A: If your brothers are part of you and you blame them for your deprivation, you are blaming yourself. And vice-versa, you cannot blame yourself without blaming them. Only the ego blames, so blame is ego-identification. You cannot enter God’s Presence if you attack His Son. And both you and your brother are God’s Son. Blame is rejection, and only if you give up rejection will you know your own rejection is impossible. God will never reject His Son; nor, then, shall you. T-11.IV.5:1-6

Q: What is innocence?

A: The innocent mind is whole, cannot sacrifice and cannot project. It can only honor other minds, because honor is the natural greeting of the truly loved to others who are like them. T-3.I.6:1-3

Q: Do you want to hear the Voice for God?

A: You will hear it when you lift your voice in praise of your Creator. T-11.IV.5:7, T-4.VII.8.1-5

Q: When will your thoughts be as free as God’s?

A: As soon as the body ceases to attract you, and you place no value on it as a means of getting anything. Let the Holy Spirit teach you how to use the body only for purposes of communication. Renounce its use for separation and attack and blame which the ego sees in it. Learn you have no need of a body at all. T-15.IX.7:2 What you invest in guilt you withdraw from God. T-15.IX.6:4 Miracles reawaken the awareness that the spirit, not the body, is the altar of truth. This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracle. T-1.20:1-2

Q: Where is truth to be found, and what is the most effective tool of the Holy Spirit for reaching it?

A: Truth is found in the holy instant where there are no bodies, and you experience only the attraction of God. The reality of your relationship with God in the holy instant is the only truth that you could ever want. ALL truth is here, because GOD IS. T-15.IX.7:3-6

Principle 30: By recognizing spirit, miracles adjust the levels of perception and show them in proper alignment. This places spirit at the center, where it can communicate directly. T-1.I.30

Q: How do you recognize your brother?

A: By recognizing the Holy Spirit in him. T-5.III.1:1

Q: If the ego is the idea of fear, and God is the idea of love, then what idea is the Holy Spirit?

A: The Holy Spirit is the idea of healing. Since an idea is thought, it gains as it is shared. Being the Call for God, it is also the idea of God. And since you are part of God, it is also the idea of yourself, as well as all of God’s creations. (T-5.III.2:1-4) The Holy Spirit resides in the Christ Mind. This awareness increases in you and strengthens as you share it. T-5.III.2:2-3

Q: Is it possible to think your brother is attacking you or using you when he is not?

A: Of course. All who believe in separation also believe in attack, rejection and reciprocity. Look first to see if you OR your brother is calling for love, then respond with Spirit. T-6.V.B.1:2

Q: What happens when you do not share a thought system?

A: You are weakening it. Those who believe in it, therefore, perceive this as an attack on them. Choose a thought system with a center of spirit/love so only truth will extend from it. T-6.V.B.1.1-2,4

Q: What do you do when you are seeing your brother with spirit and he is responding with ego?

A: The stronger of the two of you (the one seeing with spirit) must call for the Holy Spirit for guidance in navigating through the disparity in order to reach understanding and union. Your spirits are always in communion. Knowing this will bring you peace.

Q: Does the Holy Spirit destroy the ego?

A: No, he reinterprets it by understanding that the ego is not real. Understanding brings appreciation, brings love. T-5.III.7:1-4

Waken from time and answer fearlessly the call of Him Who gave eternity to you in your creation. On this side of the bridge to timelessness you understand nothing. But as you step lightly across it, upheld by timelessness, you are directed straight to the Heart of God. At the center of the Heart of God, and only there, you are safe forever, because you are complete forever. There is no veil the Love of God cannot lift. The way to truth is open. T-16.IV.13:5-11 Follow it to where GOD IS.


The Kingdom is perfectly united and protected; the ego will not prevail against it. Amen. T-4.III.1:12-13

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