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Miracle Principle Review 1-10


1. Q: What is a miracle?

    A: A correction introduced into false thinking by Jesus

REF: T-1.I.37:1-2

2. Q: What is the motivation for miracle-mindedness?

    A: Holy Spirit

REF: T-5.II.1:4,6-7

3. Q: What is the relationship of cause and effect to miracles?

    A: Cause: Atonement Effect: Miracle

        Cause: Miracle Effect: Healing

Note: Cause: Ego (false thinking) Effect: Sickness

REF: T-28.II.12:4-6 and T-2.IV.1:1-2,4

4. Q: What is the home of miracles?

    A: Forgiveness

REF: W-pII.13.3:1 and W-pI.rII.90.1:6

5. Q: What is the source of miracles?

    A: Christ’s vision (seeing truth in our brothers)

REF: W-pI.159.4:1-2

6. Q: Where is the miracle found?

    A: In the holy instant (where all illusions are forgiven)

REF: T-16.VII.11:1-2

I. MIRACLE PRINCIPLE 1: There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder” or “bigger than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.

1. Q: What is the unique function of a miracle?

    A: The miracle transcends order (being based not on differences, but on equality)

REF: T-14.X.2:5-7

2. Q: Why is there no order of difficulty in miracles?

     A: Because every part of creation is of one order

REF: T-7.IV.2:3 and T-11.VI.10:5-8

3. Q: Why has the above principle not yet been accepted?

     A: “. . . because nothing is difficult that is wholly desired”

         “. . . there are some things you would withhold from truth”

        “. . . because you have become the arbiter of what is possible and remain unwilling to give place to One Who knows"

REF: T-6.V.B.8:7 and T-17.I.3:1 and T-18.IV.8:1-3

4. Q: Why does the miracle give equal blessing to all?

    A: Because you have the limitless, maximal power of God in you, offering “everything to every call from anyone"

REF: T-14.X.6:10-15 and T-14.S.12:9-10

II. MIRACLE PRINCIPLE 2: Miracles as such do not matter. The only thing that matters is their Source, Which is far beyond evaluation.

1. Q: Should miracles inspire awe?

     A: Gratitude (not awe)

REF: T-1.I.31:1-2

2. Q: When is the need for miracles over?

     A: When you return to your original form of communication with God by direct revelation

REF: T-.I.46:2-3

3. Q: Is healing a miracle?

     A: Healing is the result of the miracle

REF: T-2.IV.I:1-2,4

4. Q: What is perception? Is perception an attribute of God?

   A: A continual process of accepting and rejecting, organizing and reorganizing, shifting and changing and evaluating

         Perception is not an attribute of God.

REF: T-3.V.7:1-8 and W-43.1:2

III. MIRACLE PRINCIPLE 3: Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.

1. Q: Why does the miracle seem unnatural?

   A: Because what you have done to hurt your mind has made it so unnatural that it does not remember or understand that miracles are (to the mind) as breathing is to the body

REF: T-16.II.3:1-3 and T-21.V.3-12

2. Q: What is the holy instant?

   A: It is an instant when you “recognize the idea of love” in yourself, where “the laws of God prevail, and only they have meaning. The veil drawn across reality is lifted.”

REF: T-15.VI.5:3,5-8,6:2

3. Q: What happens when the mind perceives without love?

     A: “. . . it perceives an empty shell and is unaware of the spirit within.” “The emptiness engendered by fear must be replaced by forgiveness."

REF: T-1.IV.2:9-10,4:1

4. Q: What is the nature of the miracle of healing?

     A: “. . . to extend itself the instant it is born. And it is born the instant it is offered and received."

REF: T-27.V.1:3

5. Q: What is the basis of forgiveness?

     A: God’s Love – “God is the Love in which I forgive.”

REF: W-46.1:1,2:1 and W-46.h

6. Q: Why is Christ’s vision a miracle?

     A: Because “it reflects Eternal Love and the rebirth of love which never dies”

REF: W-159.3:1-2,4:1-2

7. Q: How do you receive miracles?

     A: By Holy Spirit calling miracles to come to you

         The Father sends you “miracles to bless the world and heal our minds . . .”

         By trusting in God to keep His promise to answer your call

REF: W-347.1:11 and W-349.1:2,2:3 and W-356.1:1,4

IV. MIRACLE PRINCIPLE 4: All miracles mean life, and God is the Giver of life. His Voice will direct you very specifically. You will be told all you need to know.

1. Q: What is the relationship of health to life?’

   A: “Health is the beginning of the proper perspective on life under the guidance of the One Teacher Who knows what life is, being the voice for Life Itself.”

REF: T-8.VIII.9:10

2. Q: Who dreamed this journey for me?

     A: Holy Spirit

REF: W-157.8:2,9:1

3. Q: How did Jesus raise the dead?

     A: By knowing the truth: “that life is an eternal attribute of everything that the living God created."

REF: T-4.IV.11:7

4. Q: What is accomplished through death?

     A: Nothing is accomplished through death because death is nothing.

REF: T-3.VII.6:11 and T-6.V.A.1:1-3

5. Q: What is your role in the Atonement?

     A: Ask Jesus which miracle you should perform . . . Let Holy Spirit bring those seeking you . . . Be ready and willing . . .

REF: T-1.III.4:1-7 and T-15.V.10:7

6. Q: Who are you?

     A: You “are a messenger of God, directed by His Voice, sustained by Him in love, and held forever quiet and at peace within His loving Arms."

REF: W-267.1:6

7. Q: Wherein lies your safety?

     A: God is your safety in every circumstance. There are no exceptions to this.

REF: W-47.3:1-4

V. MIRACLE PRINCIPLE 5: Miracles are habits, and should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control. Consciously selected miracles can be misguided.

1. Q: What determines the speed by which your goal can be reached?

     A: Your willingness to practice every step and by making the “Rules for Decision” habits


2. Q: Can fear be controlled by Jesus?

     A: No – the presence of fear shows that you have raised body thoughts to the level of the mind, removing them from Jesus’ control. Give the cause of the fear to Jesus for Him to help you forgive. Use self-control.

REF: T-2.VI.1:1-7 and T-2.VII.3:3 

3. Q: Who provides the opportunity for miracles and what is your part?

     A: Again, Jesus does. You must be ready and willing.

REF: T-1.III.1:7-8 


4. Q: In what way are miracles selective?

     A: They are selective only in the sense that they are directed toward those who can use them for themselves, thus welding a strong chain of Atonement.

REF: T-1.III.9:1-3

5. Q: What is the sole responsibility of the miracle worker?

     A: To accept the Atonement (the undoing of error) for himself

REF: T-2.V.5:1-3

VI. MIRACLE PRINCIPLE 6: Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.

1. Q: Is the body capable of error?

     A: No – “Only the mind is capable of error. The body can act wrongly only when it is responding to misthought."

REF: T-2.IV.2:4-5

2. Q: What are the only choices open to you? What decision must you make?

     A: Two choices (only one is true): Holy Spirit (true), and ego (untrue)

          Decision: You must decide for God and His Holy Spirit

REF: T-5.V.6:8-10,13-14 and T-5.II.9:7

3. Q: Is decision difficult?

     A: No – you must simply allow the Holy Spirit to decide for God for you.

REF: T-5.VII.6:1-3,5-11

4. Q: What is wrong perception? What is the reality of everything?

     A: Wrong perception: the wish that things be as they are not

         The reality of everything: total harmlessness

REF: T-8.IX.2:1-10

5. Q: When a brother behaves insanely, how do you heal him?

     A: Only by perceiving the sanity in him – and in yourself.

REF: T-9.III.5:1,6 (P5,6,7,8) and T-12.VII.12:4(all)

6. Q: When do you become part of the Atonement?

     A: When you have been restored to the recognition of your original state

         As you share Jesus’ unwillingness to accept error in yourself and others

REF: T-1.III.1:5-10

7. Q: How do I share the Holy Spirit’s function?

     A: Only by judging as He does, reserving no judgment at all for yourself

REF: T-12.VII.12.4-7

8. Q: What is temptation?

     A: “A wish to make the wrong decision on what you would learn, and have an outcome that you do not want . . . "

REF: T-31.I.11:1

9. Q: What is your part as God’s messenger?

     A: Your part is to be happy, to live so as to demonstrate that you are not an ego.

REF: W-100.7:3-7

VII. MIRACLE PRINCIPLE 7: Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first.

1. Q: What is your claim to miracles?

     A: Miracles are ensured in your creation and are guaranteed by the laws of God.

         Miracles are inherent in the truth of what you are. You are a miracle.

REF: W-77.2:1,5.3:1-4 and W-77.1:1-6 and W-77.2:1-5

2. Q: When do you ask for miracles?

     A: Whenever a situation arises in which they are called for -- you will recognize them

REF: W-77.7:4-6

3. Q: How do you enter the Presence of God?

     A: By being holy (or you will not know you are there)

         By your mind being as pure as His

         By letting go of “dark companions”

         By accepting all your brothers

REF: T-11.III.7:4-10

4. Q: What do the lion and the lamb symbolize?

     A: That strength and innocence are not in conflict, but naturally live in peace

REF: T-3.I.5:3-6

5. Q: What do the innocent defend?

     A: True perception – instead of defending themselves against it, they align their minds with it. Pure hearts do not attack; they see truly.

REF: T-3.II.5:8-9

6. Q: What does the ego teach?

     A: To attack yourself because you are guilty and that there is no escape from guilt

Note: All relationships that guilt has touched are used but to avoid the person and the guilt. Real relationships are holy (guided by the Holy Spirit in you and your brother).

REF: T-13.I.11:1-8 and T-13.X.2:3.5-6

7. Q: What can keep you from what Christ would have you see?

     A: Nothing

REF: T-13.X.9:5-9

8. Q: What condition is necessary for the holy instant?

     A: That you have no impure thoughts that you would keep

REF: T-15.IV.9:8-10

9. Q: What stands between this world and Heaven?

     A: A borderland of thought, where thoughts are brought together; where conflicting values meet, and all illusions are laid beside the truth where they are judged to be untrue; where every thought is made pure and wholly simple; where sin is denied, and everything that IS received instead.

REF: T-26.III.2:1-5

10: Q: What is the Word of God?

       A: “My Son is pure and holy as Myself.”

           “I am as God created me.”

           “Atonement is the Word of God.”

REF: W-276.1:1-2

W-110.3:1-3 and W-110.5:6 and W-110.11:6


11: Q: What is left from my past?

      A: Its beauty

          A blessing

          My kindnesses

          Every loving thought I ever had

Note: The Holy Spirit has purified all your errors that hid the light, and kept them radiant.

REF: T-5.IV.8:2-15

VIII. Miracle Principle 8: Miracles are healing because they supply a lack; they are performed by those who temporarily have more for those who temporarily have less.

1. Q: What is the only lack you really need correct?

     A: A sense of separation from God

REF: T-1.VI.2:1-2

2. Q: How do you find peace?

     A: Only by complete forgiveness

REF: T-1.VI.1:1-7

3. Q: Are you affected by expressions of lack of love?

     A: No – You are perfectly unaffected by all expressions of lack of love. Peace is in you.

REF: T-2.I.5:6-8

4. Q: What does it mean to sell all you have and give to the poor?

     A: To have no investment in anything in this (ego) world

REF: T-12.III.1:1-6

5. Q: How do you appreciate the holy instant?

     A: By giving thanks, thus enabling the holy instant’s results to be accepted and shared

REF: T-17.V.12:5-6

6. Q: What is comparison?

     A: An ego device to perceive lacks and differences in another

REF: T-24.II.1:1-5

7. Q: What is specialness?

     A: A lack of trust in anyone except yourself

REF: T-24.IV.1:1-2

8. Q: How many teachers of God are needed to save the world?

     A: One wholly perfect teacher whose learning is complete

REF: P-2.III.3:7-9

IX. Miracle Principle 9: Miracles are a kind of exchange. Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical laws. They bring more love both to the giver and the receiver.

1. Q: What do miracles demonstrate?

     A: It is as blessed to give as to receive.

REF: T-1.I.16:1-2

2. Q: What are the characteristics of God’s gifts and the gifts of the world?

     A: God’s gifts: increase as we receive them, entailing no loss

         World’s gifts: giver loses as he gives the gift, the taker is the richer by the giver’s loss

Note: With God, the giver is the gift. God is the Giver AND God is the Gift.

REF: W-105.1.1-8

3. Q: When is a gift truly given?

     A: When all concern of the gift and its outcome is relinquished; outcome is part of gift.

REF: M-6.3:1-8 and M-6.4:1-12

4. Q: What are the preservers of time?

     A: Guilt feelings; they ensure the future will be like the past (i.e., ego continuity)

REF: T-5.VI.2:1-6

5. Q: Does giving entail sacrifice?

     A: No – you give but to yourself. Gently laugh at the idea of sacrifice -- and be healed.

REF: W-187.6:1-2

6. Q: Are gifts made through bodies?

     A: No – bodies can neither offer nor accept.

         Only the mind can value and only the mind decides on what it would receive and give.

REF: T-20.II.2:1-3

X: Miracle Principle 10: The use of miracles as spectacles to induce belief is a misunderstanding of their purpose.

1. Q: How do the miracle giver and the miracle receiver sustain belief in miracles?

     A: The strength of conviction in the belief of the miracle giver will sustain the belief of the miracle receiver.

REF: T-1.VII.3:9-10,14

2. Q: How do you give up the ego?

     A: By uniting your mind with Jesus’ mind to shine the ego away

         By obeying (following the direction of) the Holy Spirit, you give up the ego.

REF: T-4.IV.8:3-5 and T-7.X.3:8

3. Q: What are you seeking?

     A: To know yourself, and for the power and glory you think you have lost

REF: T-8.III.5:1-4

4. Q: How do you seek yourself (the power and glory you think you have lost)?

     A: Meaningfully, consciously . . .

         By formulating the goal clearly and keeping it in mind . . . 

         By believing what you are trying to learn is of value to you . . .

REF: T-4.V.5:3-6

5. Q: Is belief in God necessary?

     A: No – belief is an ego function. God can only be known or remembered.

Note: “Belief that there is another way of perceiving is the loftiest idea of which the ego

thinking is capable.”

REF: T-4.II.4:8-10 and T-6.V.7:3 and T-9.I.11:3 and P-2.II.4:3-7

6. Q: How do you recognize what you receive?

     A: You will recognize what you have received when you give it.

REF: W-154.12:1-3

7. Q: What does your mind will before it chooses to separate and perceive?

     A: It wills only to know.

REF: T-3.IV.5:1-4

8. Q: What is the first link in the awareness of the Sonship?

     A: When two minds join as one and share one idea equally

REF: T-16.II.4:1-5

9. Q: Is it necessary for you (ego) to understand miracles?

     A: No – yet there is Something in you that does understand. It is the Holy Spirit.

REF: T-16.II.2:4-8

10. Q: Does rest come from sleeping?

       A: “Rest does not come from sleeping but from waking.”

REF: T-5.II.10:4-7

11. Q: What is the only goal of the miracle minded?

       A: “Complete restoration of the Sonship”

REF: T-1.VII.3:11-14

This concludes our Review of Miracle Principles 1-10. Yet every day we will review them as we do them. Because miracles are habits. They are involuntary. They occur naturally as expressions of love and everything that comes from love is a miracle. God created YOU. And YOU are a MIRACLE!

(Continue to Miracle Principle 11)

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