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Miracle Principle 7

Principle 7: Miracles are everyone’s right, but purification is necessary first. (T-1.I.7)

GOD has established miracles as your right. You are entitled to miracles; you are entitled to the correction of all the false perceptions you have allowed into your mind which are keeping the truth hidden from you. Truth has greater value now than all illusions. And you recognize that truth must be revealed to you, because you know not what it is; you have lived in the darkness of illusions for so long. Yet truth has been saved for you until your reluctance to receive it disappears, and you are willing it be given you. Ask yourself, are you ready for truth now? If the answer is “yes,” ask for a miracle, over and over again, until all truth is yours.

When you ask for a miracle, you are asking for truth. Remind yourself that you are asking only for what is rightfully yours. Remind yourself also that miracles are never taken from one and given to another, and that in asking for your rights, you are upholding the rights of everyone. Unless you think that all your brothers have an equal right to miracles with you, you will not claim your right to them because you were unjust to one with equal rights. Seek to deny and you will feel denied. Seek to deprive, and you have been deprived. A miracle can never be received because another could receive it not. Be quick to tell yourself, should you be tempted:

I will not trade miracles for grievances. I want only what belongs to me.

God has established miracles as my right. (W-77)

Only forgiveness offers miracles. Wishing to hold a grievance will block the miracle. That is why your sole responsibility must be to accept forgiveness for yourself; in so doing, you accept miracles.

Since you are not relying on yourself to find the miracle, you are fully entitled to receive it whenever you ask. And who would ask for truth and be satisfied with less than the perfect answer? The answer is always a miracle, always an “out-of-time” instantaneous correction of your erroneous thoughts that may otherwise take you eons to receive if you do not have the help of the Holy Spirit. You are entitled to miracles because of what you are. You will receive miracles because of what God is. And you will offer miracles because you are one with God.

Miracles are given and received equally, simultaneously increasing the strength of the giver and the receiver. It awakens awareness that giving and receiving are the same. It sees no differences where none exists. No errors are unforgivable or uncorrectable. No errors warrant vengeance in place of healing and return of peace. And thus it is the same for everyone; its offering is universal.

A miracle is justice. It is not a special gift to some, to be withheld from others as less worthy, more condemned, and thus apart from healing. Who is there who can be separate from salvation, if its purpose is the end of specialness? If miracles, the Holy Spirit’s gift, were given specially to an elect and special group, and kept apart from others as less deserving, then the Holy Spirit would be ally to specialness. Everyone is equally entitled to His gift of healing and deliverance and peace. To God, ALL His Sons are special.

“What is God’s belongs to everyone, and is his due.” (T-25.IX.10:10)

Your claim to miracles does not lie in your illusions about yourself. It does not depend on any magical powers you have ascribed to yourself, nor on any of the rituals you have devised. It is inherent in the truth of what you are. It is implicit in what God your Father is. It was ensured in your creation, and guaranteed by the laws of God. Miracles do not obey the laws of this world. They merely follow from the laws of God. Miracles lead to salvation, showing us the way to God.

So where does purification enter into this equation, this principle? It is understood that miracles correct and therefore purify the thoughts of the mind. So how does purification come first, and then the right to miracles come next? Are they not simultaneous?

The necessary condition for the miracle does not require that you have no thoughts that are not pure. Indeed, the miracle will correct and thus purify your thoughts as stated above. The miracle, however, does require that you have no impure thoughts that you would keep. You must submit ALL thoughts to the Holy Spirit for correction, and not hold back any. To give a problem to the Holy Spirit to solve for you means that you want it solved. To keep it for yourself to solve without His help is to decide it should remain unsettled, unresolved, and lasting in its power of injustice and attack.

In your practicing, then, do your best only to be vigilant against deception, and seek not to protect the thoughts you would keep to yourself. There are no private thoughts, none that are unworthy of a miracle of correction. Let the Holy Spirit’s purity shine them all away and bring your awareness to the readiness for purity He offers you. Thus, will He ensure your readiness to acknowledge you are host to God, and hostage to no one and to nothing. You are a dedicated, focused, alert miracle worker for God, who allows truth to enter every thought as you offer miracles unto your brothers.

Fear not to look upon the lovely truth in you or in your brothers. Look through the clouds of guilt that dim your vision and his and look past darkness to the holy place where you will see the light. The altar to your Father is as pure as He Who raised it to Himself. Nothing can keep from you what Christ would have you see. His Will is like His Father’s, and He offers mercy to every child of God, as He would have you do. There is no fear in perfect love because it knows no sin, and it must look on others as on itself – as sinless. Looking with charity within, what can it fear without? The innocent see safety, and the pure in heart see God within His Son and look unto the Son to lead them to the Father. See your brother as sinless, and there can be no fear in you. Forgive your brother and you cannot separate yourself from him nor from his Father. And you will perform miracles for your brothers, as they are wrought in you and through you.

All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing. Jesus has saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had. He has purified them of the errors that hid their light and kept them for you in their own perfect radiance. They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. They came from the Holy Spirit within you, and we know what God creates is eternal. You can indeed help your brothers as a miracle worker for Jesus because he loves you as he loves them.

You go with his blessing and for his blessing. Hold it and share it, that it may always be yours. He has placed the peace of God in your heart and in your hands, to hold and to share. The heart is pure to hold, and the hands are strong to give. You cannot fail. His judgment is as strong as the wisdom of God, in Whose Heart and Hands we have our being. He sends you to your brothers to help them knowing that they are ready to receive a miracle, and you are ready to give it. He is with you.

Remember that God’s chosen channels cannot fail. There is nothing your holiness cannot do. The truth in you remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light, and as innocent as love itself. And you are worthy that your will be done! Give then, what He has given you, that you may see His Son as one, and thank his Father as He thanks you. As you give thanks, the world unites with you and happily accepts your holy thoughts which Heaven has corrected and made pure. Your ministry begins as all your thoughts are purified. Now has your miracle work begun at last, to carry round the world the joyous news that truth has no illusions, and the peace of your Father belongs to everyone. Who is your Father? GOD IS.

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