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Your Father needs you and will call to you until you come to Him in peace at last. 

 (ACIM: The Song of Prayer, Healing 3.IV.10:7)

All was quiet . . .

All was quiet. I was sitting in a dimly lit room at night, wide-awake, when suddenly my mind was full of blazing light. I knew it was a visit from a heavenly presence as I sat still, basking in the blazing brightness. After a while, the light began to recede and a Voice said: "There will be no separation." And then the bright light was gone. Reverend Lori

This is but one of the many spiritual experiences which have enlightened the mind of the founding minister of our church and of this website.

A Course in Miracles Book Review: Long before A Course in Miracles was scribed by Helen Schucman, I was teaching the principles of miracles to my son. He said that I was obviously speaking the truth, but the world was showing him the opposite of what I was saying. He asked me if there was a book to support my teachings to him, and of course I said I had not read one. Then I discovered A Course in Miracles. I read it for four days and four nights without stopping to rest or to eat, drinking only water. At the end of the fourth day, I was not even tired; I was so inspired. I called my son to tell him I had finally found a book that supported what I had been teaching him all those years! This experience taught me that the Course is not something new. The knowledge of the Course is within the mind of each and every one of us, just waiting to be reawakened. I hope this study guide helps you to do just that. (Reverend Lori, Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment)


Note:  If you want to delve right into the study of the ACIM material, you may start with the Enlightenment page, followed by the Miracle Principles page, and then the Workbook page OR begin anywhere you feel guided. The Text review is in the process of being added. The Song of Prayer is very helpful in communicating with the Father and in learning the cause of sickness and the holiness of healing.  For all who want to hear about the website and the church before beginning the study of A Better Way, please begin the next paragraph.  There is a transfer from page to page at the bottom of each page for your convenience.  Contact with any questions about the use of the website, or about anything that concerns you in any way.


Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment is here to be truly helpful in healing the perceived separation between man and God. There is a way to be truly happy and to accept the Love of God even in this world of seeming hate and fear, and this website is a helpful place to learn it! The happiness we will be sharing with each other as we learn together will inspire everyone to truly love life. All of us freely and happily learning together will brighten the entire world with the LIGHT, LOVE, and JOY of our creation -- inviting everyone to aspire to glorious thoughts worthy of the perfect happiness of God's Son -- with Jesus as our Teacher and model and the Holy Spirit as our strength and Guide.

Included herein is a STUDY GUIDE TO A COURSE IN MIRACLES with amplification of Enlightenment, Miracle Principles, Text, Workbook, Manual for Teachers, Terms, Psychotherapy and The Song of Prayer. We offer a clear understanding of the Principles of Miracles as taught by Jesus and as shared in A Course in Miracles, along with the Course Workbook Lessons, Miracle Sharing,  Q & A, Topics and Stories, Quotations and Definitions of Terms from A Course in Miracles -- all leading to a higher understanding of Enlightenment.

We also offer an opportunity to Pray and to ask for Prayer, utilizing the strength of two or more minds joining in truth with one intent: The Will of God. And we invite you to share answers to prayer with us, demonstrating its effectiveness in bringing the comforting and uplifting peace of God.

We offer an opportunity to learn about Miracle Enlightenment, amplified by the Principles of Miracles. Good for new; good for review. This is more of a hands-on effort our readers are being asked to take. It gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace when you are inspired and ready, both as an independent study and as a purposeful adjunct to attending classes offered in your area. This study will literally propel each reader through to a happier way of looking at life and perhaps even to a new calling: God's Miracle Worker.

The Course teachings of Jesus in this website are presented in a style that is easy to read and to follow, helping readers to enjoy the learning and to be inspired to return for more. The lessons parallel the Course and include Course references for additional study. Please note that this is not a "religion;" it is a "mind training" Course which teaches our minds to be more like the Mind in Jesus. That same Mind is in us, just waiting for our awakening.

Offering miracles to those to whom Jesus guides us, when they are ready, is a heartwarming experience. It is refreshing, invigorating and enlivening -- a way of empowering you and your brothers to share Joy and Light which are most appreciated in this world. It will also help you to see yourself, your brothers and your world differently -- in the light, with peace, and as One.

We offer a Contact page which is open to everyone for questions about Miracle Enlightenment, Miracle Principles, or on any topic in which we may be of help to you. We may answer your questions by email and/or, with your consent, on the Question & Answer page so as to share them with others.

With a variety of offerings from which to choose, may this website be a joy to you. As you look more closely at the content, if you have any comments, questions, or sharings, please feel free to contact us using our email address at -- or use the Contact page. We invite you to check back with us often for updates as there is much more to come!

Life is simple and easy. All who say "It's complicated . . . " are choosing to see it as such. Let us learn together to see life differently, to see it simply, lovingly and truly, and allow Jesus to show us that love is real. Join us as we avail ourselves of A Better Way to inspire the mind, use it, share it, and rest it in the peace of GOD ~

Letter from Reverend Lori

This website is calling to all open minds in the Universe, people of all ages and sects and beliefs who are looking for their Identity in God and want to find it NOW without delay. The purpose for finding our Identity is to be perfectly happy and peaceful, to know what is true and what is false and what is real and what is unreal, to know that we are safe even here in the world until we return our minds to the Father and to Heaven. Jesus, through miracles of love and his teachings, will show us all.

We search for our Identity because we do not remember who and what we are or Who our Father is. And this is vexing to the extreme – to keep searching here and there and everywhere and still finding no answers, no real lasting peace and joy in the world. Thus, we must now seek for direction from beyond what the world has to offer.

We learn there is only one way to change the world and that is to change our minds about the world. There is more to life than what we see, think, touch, smell and hear. Instead we seek A Better Way to experience the world, in Light, and with Peace of Mind. More minds at peace benefit all minds through a ripple effect which I lovingly and aptly call “ripple responsibility.”

With the lessons in this website about enlightenment, with a workbook filled with Thoughts of God to help us, with Jesus to love and teach us and the Holy Spirit to love us and to guide us, and with the Atonement as our Plan of Salvation, we will be happy and peaceful, we will live together with acceptance and appreciation and love for ourselves and for each other, remembering that God goes with us everywhere we go.

So let us begin reading and learning A Better Way to see and experience the world with understanding, appreciation, truth, light and love. Let us do our part by freeing our minds from false concepts and illusions based on fear and what it has taught us in error, and instead by listening to Jesus and the Holy Spirit teach us the Truth that will set us free -- as God Created Us in His Love.

Welcome to this website.

Welcome to the Light!

Reverend Lori

Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment

PS I very highly suggest that everyone listen to Joel Osteen's Sunday broadcast on television or on You Tube. His message is very uplifting!!!

Also, we have a Facebook Page: Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment -- for additional Words of Wisdom.

Reverend Lori is an ordained Minister of God. She has been teaching A Course in Miracles and the Supplements of the Course to students and teachers alike since 2002. She was teaching the Course to her son before the book was even written! She resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she recently completed teaching two classes: one on the Manual for Teachers to aspiring ministers, the other on The Song of Prayer to all who are interested in knowing how to pray lovingly and effectively in faith. The lessons for both classes are included herein. She is now focusing on adding notes about the course Text to the website ( Inquire at if you are interested in attending future classes. Anyone who wants to receive the lessons by email may also inquire at the site. All who are interested in seeing "the world" in a heavenly light and in knowing God, our Father, are welcome! (Yes, there truly IS "A Better Way.")

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