Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment

Join us as we avail ourselves of a Better Way to inspire the mind, 
use it, share it, and rest it in the peace of GOD~

What We Do

Here at Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment we accept assignments from the Holy Spirit that require out of the ordinary assistance.  We are often assigned to help people whom others either cannot or do not assist, as they do not always fit the parameters of assistance guidelines.  And we help these people without unnecessary forms and paperwork. This maintains their privacy and speeds the assistance.  For example:

One of our members assisted H., a farmer, by being her constant live-in companion when she was ill, and even helping her manage her small farm. Our Church member kept H's huge dome house clean, including removing hardened molasses from one of her refrigerators. She took her to cooking classes, to the state fair, to appointments and wherever she wanted to go.  She nursed her to health after heart surgery, and prepared many meals for her.  H. regained her health and our Church member went on to another assignment, though she remained in touch with H. thereafter.

One of our members assisted M., a veteran and retired postman.  Our Church member helped M. to get hearing aids. He tended to him when he received a pacemaker, and helped him recover payment for hearing aids that went missing while he was in hospital.  Our Church member took him to plays and social events commensurate with M's interests, played cribbage and worked crossword puzzles with him, took him to doctor's appointments and to the library and to Church classes since he could no longer drive, and was his friend and companion.  Later, she visited M. every other day for months at a nursing home and reassured him that she would be his friend forever.  M. was helped to remove his self-doubts and to see his worth as an outstanding man of character and integrity and to see that he is truly a Son of God.  Our Church member later officiated at his military memorial service!

One of our members assisted J, who, though an adult, still could not read.  J. had been told since childhood that he was mentally aberrant.  Our Church member saw right away that J. was quite intelligent and very funny; he was just showing symptoms of dyslexia.  (Our church member took J. line dancing and when everyone was turning right, J. was turning left.) Our Church member took him to a rare specialist who corrected the dyslexia.  Our Church member then proceeded to teach J. to read, to garden, to dress well and eat properly, and even how to brush his teeth.  He was accompanied to Church classes and given a "study-buddy." He was helped to apply for Social Security disability benefits which he was immediately granted.  He was then shown how to count money and make change, first by playing Monopoly and then by making change in stores. There were so many things the Church helped J. to do, yet they cannot all be mentioned here.  Suffice it to say that his life changed significantly for the better!  When J. first came to the Church, he was at a crossroads between being jailed or entering an asylum.  He is now doing well and helping others.  Is he a Christian?  Yes, he was in the beginning, is now, and always will be -- truly being helpful to his brothers alike.

There are many other examples of how our Church has helped people who were out of the mainstream (more will be added), yet they still needed help.  And many more await to be helped.  Thank you sincerely for your interest in helping Universal Church of Miracle Enlightenment to bring more joy to our brothers in this world and for helping this world to be a happier and better place for us ALL.

Reverend Lori Revo

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