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Questions and Answers:  Extension 1

Question: Are hell and satan and sin and the devil real?  (Submitted by Lynne R. on January 1, 2016)

Answer:  God is the idea of love. The ego is the idea of fear.  Hell and satan and sin and devil are ideas made up by the ego to counteract the idea of God. They are not real.  Only love is real.
                                                                                  Perfect love casts out fear.
                                                                                             If fear exists,
                                                                               Then there is not perfect love.


                                                                                   Only perfect love exists.
                                                                                          If there is fear, 
                                                                       It produces a state that does not exist.

Question I need your help.  What I am asking for is PRAYER.  I don't know how to pray for my son.  I feel so emotionally tied to him, and I cannot get those emotions out of the way.  (Submitted by Lois S. on July 8, 2008)

Answer: Emotional ties to a son can be very strong.  However, there is One Who does know how to pray for him.  And that One is the Holy Spirit.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayers, and even to extend a prayer for you. He will pray a perfect prayer, and then answer it Himself.  How blessed your son is to have you for his loving mother.  

Answer to Prayer:  I am excited to tell you that Holy Spirit has come through once again.  Our prayer for my son was answered!  He just called to tell me the good news.  I told him he had a lot of prayer going for him.  He is very grateful and so am I. Together we are truly Miracle Workers! (Submitted by Lois S)

Response:  I expected immediate results, and this is PERFECT.  I am so happy and I know you must be, too. Prayers of assured faith are very powerful.  We prayed but did not interfere.  We rested on the truth and confidence that God is more powerful than anything in the world.  Beautiful!  Your joy must be unbounded.  I am so happy things came together for your son so timely.  

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